Stardew Valley: How to Cook

Stardew Valley: How to Cook ; Stardew ValleyCooking in allows players to use their crops and animal products as ingredients in a variety of useful and delicious recipes.

There are many recipes players can access in Stardew Valley to improve their farm life. While most of these recipes are for buildings, machinery, and roads, there are many different recipes as well.

Stardew Valley: How to Cook

Cooked food can change the rules of the game in Stardew Valley, with players needing to keep track of both health meters and energy meters. Unlike many other raw foods, most cooked recipes provide almost enough health and energy to completely fill players' meters.

Before players can actively craft these useful items, they will need three things. These are ingredients, recipes, and a place to cook. Here's how to get all of that in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: How to Cook

The first thing players need to cook in Stardew Valley is a place to do it. There are two different locations where most of the players will be in the farmhouses being the first place. For home cooking, players will need to upgrade their home for the first time.

Players can upgrade their Stardew Valley farmhouse by talking to Robin while her home shop is open. The first upgrade will cost the player 10.000 g and 450 pieces of wood. Once completed, players will have access to their own kitchen.

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The players will have a stove and refrigerator in their kitchen. The refrigerator acts as a chest that can hold food and performs a special function while players are cooking. This includes fruits, vegetables, animal products and fish caught in Stardew Valley. Players will receive a special crafting menu containing all the recipes they have learned using the stove. If they have the ingredients for the recipe in their inventory or in the refrigerator, they will be able to prepare it.

Another place where players can cook is anywhere, as long as they use dinnerware. It can be crafted using fifteen parts wood, ten parts fiber, and three parts coal after players reach Gathering level nine. Once docked, it will replace the player's stove without going into the fridge and will disappear after the day is done. Players will still have access to all recipes.

Players will automatically start with a fried egg recipe that only requires one chicken egg. More recipes can be purchased in stores, learned from the Sauce Queen on TV and given by friends in Pelican Town. Many of these recipes have also added effects to aid farming, combat, and many other actions after players eat them.


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