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Stardew Valley : How to Befriend Pam Best Gifts to Pam; pam He may have a tough exterior, but his friendship in Stardew Valley is worth it. Here are the details of How to Become Friends with Pam…, Stardew Valley What Pam likes, Pam gift , stardew valley Pam marriage, stardew valley Pam's favorite gifts what are all the information in this article…

Stardew Valley'While NPCs may seem one-dimensional at first glance, many of them have a much deeper story under the surface. One such character is Pam, who spends most of her nights drinking in her troubles at the Stardrop Saloon.

Even though there are difficulties in your life, a friend Pam It might be good for the player, and it might have a few benefits for the player as well. making friends with others Stardew Valleyis an important part of and Pam although he can be moody, it might be worth taking the time to warm him up. Here's how to win it.

Best Gifts to Give Pam

Pam Favorite Gifts

Players, PamHe can increase friendships with him by 80 points by offering him a drink or one of his favorite meals. Note that any gift given to Pam on her Spring 18 birthday will be worth 8 times her normal point value.

  • All Universal Likes
  • Most alcoholic beverages: Beer, Piña Colada, Mead, Pale Ale
  • Cooked Meals: Blueberry Soup, Glazed Yams
  • parsnip
  • cactus fruit

Pam Favorite Gifts

Although not that big of an increase, Liked gifts are the player's Pam It will increase your friendship with 45 points. All of the following are good options if the player doesn't have Pam's Loved gifts on hand.

  • Daffodil
  • All fruits; E.g. blueberry, grape, apple, strawberry
  • All artisanal items except Oil and Void Mayonnaise
  • All gems
  • All flowers except Poppy

Gifts Pam Dislikes and Gifts She Hates

Player, Pam'to disliked or hate one that hediye If he does, his friendship with the player will decrease. Hated gifts cause more downgrades than dislikes, but none of the following are good choices when the player is trying to get Pam's favour.

  • Quartz
  • Eggs
  • holly
  • Octopus and Squid
  • Universal Dislike and Hatred: all garbage, artifacts, seeds, crafting materials, geodes, etc.


Like most of Pelican Town's villagers, Pam will occasionally ask for the player's help for something. Accepting their duties will lead to an increase in friendship.

  • Pam is Thirsty: On the 14th of summer, Pam will send the player a letter requesting Pale Ale. If they bring it to him they will get 350 gr and a friendship heart.
  • Pam Needs Juice: In another letter, this time Autumn 2 of Year 19, Pam requests a battery for her television remote control. Players will once again receive 400g as well as a friendship heart.

Pam Dating Advantages and Benefits

As with most villagers, Pam occasionally mail to player hediye sends it. The higher the friendship levels, the higher the probability of sending an item. His gifts include the not-so-useful Beer, plus the incredibly useful Battery Packs and Energy Tonic.


When the player reaches certain friendship thresholds, Pam will send them recipes by mail.

  • in three hearts, Pam He'll post the recipe for Cauliflower with Cheese. Players can use the meal to restore 138 Energy and 62 Health using the two title components.
  • in seven hearts, players will get Pam's Stuffing recipe. With bread, cranberries and nuts, players can cook this dish that will restore 170 Energy and 76 Health. It also strengthens the player's Defense by +2.