Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Caviar

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Caviar ; Caviar is needed to complete the Missing Bundle in Stardew Valley, but it can be quite difficult to make as it requires a specific fish.

How to Obtain Stardew Valley Caviar?

Caviar, Stardew ValleyIt is a rare artisan food item in Turkey. It is one of the most difficult items to craft in the game and requires a series of steps to do so, but only if Stardew ValleyIt is made of a material in.

Caviar just Stardew ValleyNot only does it sell for more gold than many other preserved food items in , it also appears in the hidden Lost Package on JojaMart. The Missing Pack was introduced during the Stardew Valley 1.4 update and appeared after players finished the Community Center and drove JojaMart's staff out of town. As additional endgame content, the Missing Pack is much more difficult to complete than any other Pack. Together, it requires cellar home improvement, dinosaur mayonnaise, a prismatic piece, 5 gold-quality ancient fruits, gold-quality salmon, and finally silver-quality wine (or better), which requires caviar.

Caviar certainly not the most difficult item on the list, but players must first sturgeon They'll have to start by catching.

Sturgeon Stardew ValleyMore fish that can only be caught in the mountain lake in summer and winter in rare is a fish.

Most rainy summer daysseen, but still the most16% There is a chance of getting caught. It's also on the harder side to catch, so be sure to bring a special gear and some bait when fishing for sturgeon.

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Caviar

Then the players have to house the sturgeon. Stardew Valley They will need to have an empty fish pond on their farm. Fish ponds are a type of farm building that can be purchased from Robin and allow fish to spawn. However, sturgeon produces a special type of roe deer, sturgeon eggs that are necessary for making caviar. After placing the fish in an empty fish pond, let it sit for a few days until it produces some sturgeon roe.

Next, drop the egg into the canning jar and wait 6.000 in-game minutes or several days before it turns into caviar. Alternatively, players can always control the rover south of their farm. Stardew Valley of caviarIt has a chance of appearing in stock for anywhere between 1.500 and 2.500 gold and would allow the player to forego the tedious steps above.

Unfortunately, Stardew ValleyNo villager likes caviar as a gift. Most villagers simply like this item, but Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent hate it. It's also not used in missions other than the Lost Pack in JojaMart, but caviar can be used to make Fashion Hats in Emily's sewing machine.