Stardew Valley Ginger/Ginger Island Farming Guide

Stardew Valley Ginger/Ginger Island Farming Guide , Stardew Valley Ginger Island Farming  ; Stardew Valley New purchased with version 1.5 update Ginger Island farm , has special conditions that can make it better than the original farm. You can find the details in this article…

Updated May 2nd by Brittni Finley: Since its release for PC and consoles, Stardew ValleyGinger Farm in . has become a popular destination for players looking for new endgame content. However Stardew ValleyThe massive 1.5 update in ' has not yet been released on mobile devices. Yet Ginger Island'mobile gamers who haven't experienced or gotten there yet, Ginger Island can use the following tips to prepare for your farm efficiently.

Stardew ValleyThanks to the Version 1.5 update of . Ginger IslandThey can set up a small remote farm in . Stardew Valley'deki Ginger IslandHere's everything players need to know about farming.

Stardew ValleyA number of new features came with the 1.5 update of . One of the biggest additions was Ginger Island, an island off the south coast of Pelican Town where Willy could take the player after helping him fix his boat. After arriving on the island, players will first have to follow the new NPC Leo to the eastern end of the island and give his parrot a golden nut. Next, Stardew ValleyTo reach the Ginger Island farm on the west side of the island, give 10 golden walnuts to a nearby parrot to wake the sleeping turtle blocking the path.

Using Golden Walnuts to Build Ginger Island's Farm

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Farming
Stardew Valley Ginger Island Farming

golden walnut to collect, Stardew Valleyin Ginger Island It is an important part of maximizing your farm. Ginger Island the location of your farm Stardew ValleyUntil using it as a home location in , players will need a total of 75 golden walnuts. Ginger IslandThere are a total of 130 golden walnuts hidden in , but there is no easy way to find a few golden walnuts quickly. The best way to collect a few golden walnuts is to explore and explore, including Volcano Dungeon. Ginger Island is to solve many puzzles around it.

Players, Stardew Valley'of Ginger Island They will first need 10 golden walnuts to wake up the sleeping turtle that went to their farm. Pelican Town ve Ginger Island It can be difficult to commute between each and every day, but players can give the parrots 20 Gold walnuts. Ginger Island they can choose to build a sleeping hut on their farm. The house is a 4 bedroom house with a kitchen, bed and shipping box. The parrots will then make a mailbox for all 5 walnuts.

beach resort, It costs 20 more golden walnuts to build. The main attraction of building the Beach Resort is that it allows NPCs to visit Ginger Island, but Stardew Valleyin Ginger IslandBuilding the Beach Resort is also required to unlock the Farm Obelisk in . ,

Farm Obelisk 20 golden walnuts will cost. Farm Obelisk, Stardew Valley's Ginger Island specific to the update, the player Pelican Town it is a warp device that will send it back to your farm; it's all your time Ginger Island It is most suitable for players who do not want to spend on their farm.

Ginger Island Farm Layout

Ginger Island farm has 878 arable tiles and unlike the beach farm layout that Version 1.5 offers, sprinklers can be placed on the ground. a normal Stardew Valley As with the farm, it will need to clear weeds, stones and logs to maximize planting area. Ginger Island farm, Pelican Town There are two features that make it more ideal for farming than a farm.

Additionally, crows Ginger Island, so players don't have to worry about destroying their crops. This also means that it is not necessary to install guardrails. Also, similar to Greenhouse, regardless of season Ginger Island Any crop will grow on your farm. Trees or crops can also be grown on the island at any time of the year, so some players seek to maximize their profits. Stardew Valley Ginger Island they choose to focus on their farm instead of Pelican Town farms; the only downside is that the number of spreadable tiles is significantly less than in any town farm layout.

Ginger Island Farm Crops

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Farming
Stardew Valley Ginger Island Farming

Stardew Valleyintroduced a host of new crops and fruit trees in the latest update, including ginger, banana, mango, pineapple, and taro root. These products Pelican Town It can also be grown on your farm, but other Stardew Valley It required growing seasons like crops. However Ginger IslandIn , these new Version 1.5 crops can be grown regardless of the season.

of Stardew Valley Ginger Island to obtain seeds or saplings for growing new crops on your farm, Ginger Island'at the north end of Island MerchantThey can be exchanged. A banana sapling will cost 5 dragon teeth and a mango sapling 75 mussels. The taro tuber that produces taro root costs 2 bone fragments and the pineapple seeds can be exchanged for 1 magma cap each. Otherwise, cracking light golden coconuts sometimes also yields this crop seeds. Ginger is a wild root and, like most harvested produce, does not sell much.

Ancak Stardew Valley'of Ginger Island Growing the other 1.5 crops on your farm can be quite profitable. The base price of a banana is 150 gold and twice the quality of iridium, not taking into account the tiller profession. Mango and taro root is slightly less profitable, starting at £130, but Stardew's Ginger Island pineapple should be used in the farm. They start at 300 gold and earn twice as much on iridium quality. It may not be worth turning pineapples into jam, but the finest pineapple wine in the artisanal profession is worth 2.500 gold coins.