Stardew Valley: What Happens When You Hear a Strange Sound at Night?| Strange Capsule

Stardew Valley: “What Happens When You Hear a Strange Sound at Night?” , “A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night?” ,strange capsule ; Stardew Valley players may notice a Strange Noise at Night when they wake up; You can find the details in our article…

Stardew Valleyis a Simulation/Role-playing game that has been successful for over five years. Of course, this success does not come from such a place. Stardew Valley offers a lot to do, which makes players excited about the new features. Not only that, the game is also constantly being updated. latest update, Patch 1.5.5 which was published on December 7, 2021. Meanwhile, update 1.5 itself arrives almost a year ago, on December 21, 2020. This edition introduces an entirely new region, Ginger Island. Obviously, with the new area there are also new NPCs and enemies to encounter.

Stardew Valley soon 1.6 updateWhat it may not have, but players can still look forward to what they haven't experienced. One of the most exciting things that can happen in the game are some rare events. This includes situations like Crop Fairy, Witch, and Strange Capsule. “A Strange Sound Heard in the Night”, this is Stardew Valley Strange Capsule regarding its effectiveness.

“Strange Sound Heard at Night” on Stardew Valley

To trigger this message, players must first be on their farms. Strange Capsule'They must find it. The chance of this item spawning is pretty low, but to increase this chance, players need to have as many open tiles on their farm as possible. Later, with some luck, a UFO sound can be heard while they sleep. This sound is on Stardew Valley farms Strange Capsule'It is a sign of fame.

At first, Strange Capsule it looks bluish and is said to have something living in it. If players remove this item from their inventory and leave it alone for about three days, the glass will break and the creature inside will escape. When people try to put the item back in inventory, Empty Capsule will be named.

In between the night of the snatch, “A Strange Sound Heard in the Night” message opens. So this line Strange Capsule marks the end of the event.

Strange Alien Capsule in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: "What Happens When You Hear a Strange Sound at Night?"
Stardew Valley: “What Happens When You Hear a Strange Sound at Night?”

Strange Capsule (strange capsule), one in Alien includes. It is currently unknown whether the Stardew Valley creature is hostile or friendly, as players have no way of interacting with it. However, there is a small chance that people will see these Aliens.

They usually appear in the corner of the screen and disappear very quickly. Alien it is black and can be difficult to see in Stardew Valley as it only appears at night.


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