Stardew Valley Best Farm Layouts

Stardew Valley Best Farm Layouts ; In a game revolving around currency and productivity, it's important to create a farm layout that maximizes output and profits. Since its release in 2016 Stardew Valley Members of the community have created some impressive farms. It will help you successfully build your farm Stardew Valley Best Farm Layouts We have compiled for you…

Warning: Depending on a player's personal playstyle, the layout may change. All featured layouts are awesome in their own way! Additionally, all layouts in this list are for standard farm layouts, not custom farm layouts.

Stardew Valley Best Farm Layouts

1-Endgame Farm

What makes this layout number one on my list is that it combines everything I loved about the previous layouts mentioned. Contains an evenly distributed amount for each moment in the game event.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • This layout allows players to be productive in all aspects of the game while having a large and organized farm.
  • This layout is more of an endgame layout just because of the house cost. It would be to achieve something like this, but still an order well worth the cost of creation.

2. Superior Spacious Farm

Similar to the first order on my list, this farm includes large sections of large fields. What makes this farm so much better is the overall aesthetics and productivity.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Each section is surrounded by fences that give it a very fragmented and organized feel.
  • This layout is perfect for players with aesthetically pleasing farms and high productivity. It provides maximum monetization potential and soothing looks.

3. Fence Paradise

What makes this layout great is its artistic approach to the player farm. Like many of the layouts on this list, it's beautifully segmented, but its art adds even more to this vibrant farmhouse.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • This farm takes an interesting approach to the player farm, while incorporating most of the endgame elements.
  • What this farm does different from most is that its sections are long rather than wide.

4. Stardew Brewery

Similar to the Orchard Layout I mentioned earlier, this farm focuses on wine and juice production on a whole new level. With both aesthetically pleasing lines and divisions and high-paying players, it's easy to understand why someone would set up their farm this way.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • For players who want to earn some serious cash and don't really care about having so many different buildings to manage, this is a simpler single mission layout.
  • With all these barrels, wine and juice profits will cause players to live in luxury. It is so luxurious that they can clean this order and redo it if they want.

5. Crystalium Farm

This layout produces minerals in a significant part of the farm. Unlike most of the other layouts mentioned, the creator of this layout focuses heavily on the production of mining resources.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Although expensive, the long Crystalarium line will save you big money and is a wise investment.
  • Despite the large farm piles dedicated to minerals, the farm still manages to incorporate large crop fields, animal buildings, bee houses and fish ponds.

6. Realistic Farm

What I love about this layout is its relevance to a real farm vibe. While this layout doesn't include any Slime Huts or crazy Stardew special buildings, this layout is interesting and effective.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • This layout splits the farm map into three and it works. It is organized for a purpose.
  • The layout focuses on real-world farm design. Including large patches of grass for the animals to graze, enough forest and a sizable shed and crop section.

7. Shelter Farm

What this farm does is it's not only nicely spread out and divided into spaces inside, but also plenty of storage space. Crates, vats, cheese makers, etc. Players looking to maximize, a layout like this is perfect for you.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Placing the huts in the corner of the farm allows all the extra storage outside the house to be centered in a single space, making it easier for the player to collect in a single trip.
  • This layout has paths that clearly connect and provide easy access to all parts of the farm.


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8. Wooden Plank Farm

For players looking for an interesting take on the original farm, look no further than what I call the Wooden Planked Farm. What this farm lacks in productivity makes up for in its uniqueness.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Wood planks throughout prohibit large amounts of growth in the change of seasons.
  • For players who want to beautify their homes towards the end of the game while making a decent amount of money this is the project for you.

9. Forest Farm

Similar to Orchard Farm, this farm focuses on a large amount of trees. However, this particular layout showcases wild trees rather than overly fruit trees.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Arranging your wild trees instead of letting them spread around the farm saves space for other parts.
  • Wild trees produce raw materials that are useful in their crafting, and this layout provides more specificity by dividing them by tree type.

10. Organized Farm

For neat freaks and players who like symmetrical things, this beautiful and neat farm is for you. Similar to many farms on this list, it is versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Includes all major farm categories spread across the farm
  • All divisions serve their own unique purposes and provide easy organization for mid to late game players.

11. Bee Farm

While this farm is aesthetically pleasing, it also serves a larger purpose that most casual players of Stardew Valley might not consider. The real value of the Bee House.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Numerous bee houses surrounded by flowers in the center of the farm allow players to collect Flower Honey, which sells for more than honey without flowers.
  • Every inch of usable space on the player farm is covered in this pattern, reducing regrowth at the start of each season.

12. Junimo Farm

This particular farm setup puts a big focus on automated farming. This setup allows players to earn their money largely through crops.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Junimo Huts are spread evenly throughout the farm, causing crops to be harvested automatically. Iridium fountains in each dial automatically water the surrounding crops.
  • This layout focuses on farming, but does not discredit each farm's other aspects.

13. Animal Farm

Both coops and barns provide players with a unique experience that community members either hate or love. However, taking care of animals is a lot of work and for those who want to do this job, this is the layout for you!

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • This layout not only allows farm animals to roam, but also allows the player to own a large number of animals.
  • Paired with the proper care required for quality starred animal products, this farm setup can produce players for a sizable sum of money.

14. Orchard Farm

Stardew Valley Best Farm Layouts

This farm layout allows for long rows of fruit trees and plenty of room for other basic categories of player farms. For players who love to process wine and juice, this is for you!

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • Maximizing the farm's long lines, this layout puts more focus on fruit trees. With more trees, players can maximize their wine and juice production and get themselves a huge profit.
  • For those who want to follow a layout and make room for your own projects, this layout leaves the far left corner almost empty for all your creative needs.

15. Spacious Farm

For players who don't want an overly claustrophobic farm, this expansive farm layout is both efficient and messy.

What Makes This Layout Great:

  • This layout gives the player an almost complete setup with plenty of free space.
  • Allows placing more buildings in the future if the player wishes to expand their farm.


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