Stardew Valley Crab Pot Guide

Stardew Valley Crab Pot Guide , Crab Pot ; Crab Pot Stardew ValleyIt can be very useful in. Here's everything you need to know about these items and how to use them…

Stardew ValleyEarly in , players will learn that they can get something from bodies of water by fishing for them. However, there is an alternative way to get items that can be used or sold. Crab Pots It is a vessel that can float in any body of water in Pelican Town and its surrounding areas.

These containers serve as a great way to reclaim things that can be used in key elements of the game like crafting and gift giving. However, it is important to understand how this important tool works and what can be taken out of it.

Stardew Valley Crab Cookware There are several ways to obtain it. When Fishing reaches Level 3, players will receive a recipe to craft them. The material for most players is 40 woods and three iron bars. Requires 25 wood and two copper rods if players have acquired the Trapper profession. It can also be purchased directly from Willy's Fish Shop for 1.500 gold only after reaching level 3. Also, three crab pots are rewarded after completing the Crab Pot Pack in the Community Center's Fish Tank.

Stardew Valley How to Set Up a Crab Pot?

With any of these methods, Crab Pot Once obtained, it can only be placed in water bodies. There is no limit to what kind of water can be put in, but it will determine which items can be taken.Crab Pot After placing it, players will see that it is empty.

For players to pull an item Crab Pot They will need to put some kind of bait inside. As those with the Luremaster profession will automatically pull items To the Crab Pot They don't have to worry about putting bait. Players will only have to wait a day after installation to catch anything.

What Can You Catch With a Stardew Valley Crab Pot?

Within the day after installing a pot, it will be an item. As mentioned earlier, where the pot is placed plays a big factor in what happens inside. Moreover, if players have the Mariner profession, it increases the probability of catching fish and makes it almost impossible to catch the trash.

Wherever the pot is placed, the chance of garbage coming out is always a risk, but they can produce something useful in recycling them. Different trash items include:

• Trash (Can produce Stone, coal or iron ore) • Driftwood (Can produce Wood or coal) • Soggy Newspaper (Can produce Torch or cloth) • Broken CD (Can produce Refined quartz) • Broken Glass (Can produce Refined quartz)

ocean fish
Players who place a Crab Pot in the water on the Beach or on the Beach Farm can obtain the following creatures:

• Lobster (14 percent chance as a Sailor, 3 percent chance as a non-Sailor) • Clam (14 percent chance as a Sailor, 12 percent chance as a non-Sailor) • Crab (14 percent chance as a Sailor, 6 percent chance as a non-Sailor) ) • Cockle (14 percent chance as a Sailor, 17 percent chance as a non-Sailor) • Mussel (14 percent chance as a Sailor, 14 percent chance as a non-Sailor) • Shrimp (14 percent chance of being a Sailor, 5 percent chance for a non-Sailor) • Oysters (14 percent chance as a Seafarer, 3 percent chance for a non-Marine)

Clean water
Players who drop Crab Pot into Farm Pools, nearby rivers, or even The Sewers can receive:

• Crayfish (33% chance as a Sailor, 28 percent chance as a non-Marine) • Snail (33% chance as a Sailor, 13 percent chance as a non-Sailor) • Sea snail (33% chance as a Mariner, 21 percent chance as a non-Mariner)