Stardew Valley Ice Festival Guide

Stardew Valley Ice Festival Guide , Stardew Valley Ice Festival Tips , stardew valley ice festival  ; Ice Festival , Stardew ValleyIt takes place every winter season in . What should everyone know about the event?

Eric Barone's classic farming simulator Stardew Valleyallows players to jump into a simple farming life; growing crops, completing quests, and romance with NPCs in said town. The in-game year is divided into four seasons, each with their own unique challenges and special events.

New 1.5 update It offers new features, secrets and a co-op multiplayer mode. During the winter months, players take the town's annual Ice Festival What can they get an invitation to? Here, players can find the entire town enjoying the winter snow, with ice sculptures, snowmen, igloos, and an ice fishing contest. There are many rewards to be earned from participating in celebrations and unique encounters with NPCs.

1-There Is A Secret Note For The Players To Find In The Festival

Stardew Valley Ice Festival
Stardew Valley Ice Festival

While walking between the bus stop and their farm, players can experience a chance encounter that activates the 'A Winter Mystery' quest during the winter months. During this quest, players will receive a magnifying glass that they can use to find hidden notes while performing daily activities, including fishing.

One of these hidden notes can be found while competing in an ice fishing competition. Notes contain tips on how to solve certain puzzles in the game, or advice on how to best gain the attention of certain NPCs. Unfortunately, Ice Festival The note is one of the few that is not stored in the player's inventory after finding it, meaning they will only have one chance to read and memorize its contents.

2-Reference to Godzilla, Calvin, and Hobbes

Stardew Valley Ice Festival
Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Stardew Valley is a game with an interesting sense of humor, and there are many references to famous movies, comics, and other video games for players to find as they explore. If players are familiar with where they come from, there are two references players can find to the Ice Festival beautifying Easter eggs.

Fishery At the end of the competition, Mayor Lewis will conclude the event by saying “Wow, that's a lot of fish”. While seemingly harmless, this is actually a line from the 1998 movie Godzilla, and it's possible that Barone deliberately included it as a reference. Another possible allusion to popular culture is that the actor Abigailto ask about the snowman and describe it as a snowfall. This may be a sneaky reference to the Calvin & Hobbes comic, “Attack of the Madman, Mutant, Killer, Monster Snow Goons.”

3-Multiple Awards for Multiple Players

Stardew Valley Ice Festival
Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Stardew Valley's new split-screen co-op mode lets players join friends in farming and completing missions. If multiple players participate in the ice fishing competition, they do not have to compete with each other, as each player who catches enough fish will receive their own prize.

As long as each player catches the required five fish, they will either receive the primary fishing gear prize or, if they have already won in previous years, in total 2.000 gold they will receive.

4-How to Win a Fishing Contest?

Stardew Valley Ice Festival
Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Festival Of all the events held during the ice fishing competition, the ice fishing competition is one of the most important. To win this competition, players need to catch five fish in the allotted time, which is harder than it might seem at first. When players first win, Largemouth Bass They will receive two new challenges, a fish magnet and a sailor hat, which can be useful for catching better fish such as

A common mistake during this challenge is for players to stand too far from their hole in the ice. The holes are quite small, which makes it very difficult to pour into them, especially from afar. To maximize the number of catches, players must stand right next to the hole and use minimal shooting power to submerge their tackle. It's important to note that a fish only counts towards a player's score after the catch animation is complete. If a perfect catch is made but time runs out before the animation ends, it will not be counted towards the final score.

5-Traveling Merchant Has His Own Stop

Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Sometimes while players are exploring the town, searching for items, or just spending their days, they may encounter a lady in a purple car pulled by a pig wearing sunglasses and a fez. This mysterious woman sells various special items. Stardew Valley He is none other than a traveling merchant. Its stock often varies depending on its location, so it's worth keeping an eye out for its iconic buggy and pig.

Ice Festival During the time, the traveling merchant came to a lake to the left of the frozen lake. Eskimo can be found at home. During this event, it will sell winter-themed items, including pumpkin soup. The player can also buy the snowman field here for 2.000 gold. These are unique scarecrows that can be obtained in certain locations throughout the in-game year.

6-How to Find the Festival?

Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Participating in the winter celebrations is optional, but with the entire town closed for the day, players may have nothing else to do. Mayor LewisInvitation from the event MaryIndicates that ' will start outside his home.

Players within the specified time Cindersap Forestby entering Ice FestivalThey can join. This is an area that many will visit before, so it shouldn't take long to explore the festival and see all the different events. The main event is the fishing competition held by the big lake in the middle of the forest. Player, Mayor Lewis hour after announcing the winner of the fishing competition 22:00′automatically returns to your farm.

7-All Towns And Shops Are Closed

Stardew Valley Ice Festival

held every year Ice Festival The whole town participates, which provides a great opportunity to socialize with certain villagers outside of their regular schedule. Each of the townspeople will have their own preferred activity that determines where they can be found in the snow-covered forest.

While everyone is enjoying the celebrations, the player is all throughout the day. kapalı He will not be able to enter any house or shop. It's a good idea to remember to plan around this and get the necessary supplies the day before or after the celebrations. at the festival There are specialty shops selling unique items and all normal services will reopen at their usual hours the next day.

8-Festival Same Day Every Year

Stardew Valley Ice Festival

Players autumn cropsOnce they've packed up and started packing for the winter, they'll get an invitation in their mailbox from the town's mayor. The letter sends the player to a winter celebration at the annual Ice Festival. Mayor Lewis and invites you to join the rest of the city.

This invitation every year. 8 of winteris taken in. s to festivals9 am to 2 pmThey can join at any time until tomorrow, giving them plenty of time to finish their morning chores and get the farm in order before joining. If the player misses the Festival for any reason, he will always be able to. join the same day next year.