Squeak Brawl Stars Features – New Character 2021

In this writing Squeak Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021 we will examineBrawl Stars Squeak joins the game. ;”The accidental creation of Colonel Ruff squeak, born to play!”

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Brawl Stars squeak

Brawl Stars Squeak
Brawl Stars Squeak

squeak, Similar to Bo's mines, which shoots a ball of goo that sticks and explodes similarly to walls and enemies Mystical Character. He has medium health and damage.

Super: Blarge Mass Launches a giant blob that transforms into six main attacks.

accessory :Stressincreases its range by 100%.

First Star Power one Chain reaction , increasing its damage by 10% to each enemy hit by one of its attacks,

Second Star Power: Super Sticky ; Massive explosion slows enemies.

Brawl Stars Squeak Features

Main Attack: Sticky charge ;

This attack takes 0,35 seconds to complete. Squeak attacks by throwing a sticky ball that sticks to walls and enemies and explodes, dealing damage to anyone within a 5 square radius after a delay. The explosion caused by the attack can damage enemies behind walls, and when it hits an enemy, the sticky ball sticks to them, meaning wherever the target goes before it explodes.

Super: Great Mass

Squeak, Squeak's Sticky charge Launches a giant sticky ball that explodes, sending 6 small orbs in a fixed pattern that cling, explode, and deal damage like his attack.

squeak Star Power

Star Power #1: Chain reaction

Each opponent in the area of ​​a Sticky Bomb explosion increases the Bomb's damage by 10% 
The more enemies in range of one of his Squeaks attacks, the 10% more damage he will deal to all targets in the blast radius. This Star Power remains active if you are attacking only one enemy, dealing 10% additional damage to Squeak for each attack.

Star Power #2: Super Sticky

Secondary Sticky Blomb explosions from Squeaks Super also slow enemies for 4 seconds. 
When an enemy is hit by any of the small drops from Squeak's super, they will be slowed for 4 seconds.

squeak accessory

Accessory: Stress ; 

Squeak's next Sticky Blomb's range increased by 100%. 
When activated, Squeaks' next main attack will have a range of 15,34 squares. 

Brawl Stars squeak costumes

Squeak Health Features

Level Health
1 3600
2 3780
3 3960
4 4140
5 4320
6 4500
7 4680
8 4860
9 – 10 5040





Movement speed

720 (Normal)

squeak Tips

  • squeak, Robbery ve Siege great for mods like, due to Super's damage to the vault or Ike tower,Siegeda Second Star Power: Super Sticky  can also be defended.
  • If you aim Squeak's Super very well, Big Gameto the boss fighters in Boss Warto the Boss Robot in or Super City Attack You can inflict massive damage to the Mega Beast.


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