Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Spike Character

In this writing Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes We will examine, one of the most valuable characters of the sniper category. Spike Brawl StarsRegardless of the short or long game, it can be preferred because it vomits blood on its opponents. Spike We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Spike Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Spike, cactus bombs that blow up needles, and a show-stopping Super: A field of cactus spines that damage and slow down enemies!

Spike is a low-health weapon that specializes in dealing with grouped enemies. Legendary Character. His attack explodes on impact, launching spikes in all directions, damaging enemies they hit.

Her signature ability fires a barbed projectile that slows and deals damage to enemies caught in its area of ​​effect.

Class : Sniper

Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Spike character

Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

accessory Exploding Ballshoots spikes rapidly all over the Spike.

First Star Power fertilize (Fertilize) allows it to heal itself over time while in Super's radius.

Second Star Power Spin Shot (Curveball) causes spikes that protrude from his main attack to curl in a circular motion.

Attack: Needle Bomb ;

Spike shoots a small exploding cactus, throwing spikes in different directions.
Spike launches a cactus that explodes when it hits something or reaches its maximum range, sending 6 radially damaging spikes. The model is fixed at 60 degrees between each spike and does not rotate with the angle of the bullet. The bullet does more damage on contact than the spikes.

Super: Cactus Everywhere! ;

Spike throws a barbed grenade. Enemies caught in the blast area take damage and are slowed.
Spike launches a grenade that creates a circular spike piece onto walls. Enemies in the area of ​​effect take damage over time and their movement speed is significantly reduced.

Brawl Stars Spike Costumes

The best sniper character in Brawl Stars thought to be SpikeSupercell officials released 2 different Spike skins for sale.

  • Masked Spike: 30 Diamonds
  • Sakura Spike: 80 Diamonds
  • Robo Spike: 150 Diamonds
Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Spike Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Spike Features

Bell: 3360
Sudden damage: 784 (Instant damage can be used 6 times in a row.)
Damage per second: 560
Length: 150
Reload speed: 2000
Attack speed: 500
Speed: Normal Normal
Attack range: 7.67 7.67
Level 1 damage amount: 3360
Level 9 and 10 damage amount: 4704
Super Damage (Level 1): 400
Super Damage (Level 9 and 10): 560

Health ;

Level Health
1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 – 10 3360

Spike Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : fertilize ;

After using Super, Spike stays in the area of ​​effect, regenerating 800 health per second.
Spike's Star Power stops on the cactus patch he creates with his Super, gaining 800 health per second.

warrior's 2. star power : Spin Shot ;

The spikes of the cactus bomb fly in a curvy motion, making it easy to hit targets.
Spikes thrown from his main attack now move in a clockwise curve instead of straight out, allowing Spike's attack to cover a larger area and ultimately hit more enemies with his attack.

Spike Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Exploding Ball ;

Spike fires 3 waves of needles in all directions, dealing 520 damage per hit.
Spike fires 10 pins in all directions per wave, each pin dealing 520 damage to enemies. The spikes of this accessory Spin ShotIt is unaffected and advances 6,67 frames before disappearing.

Spike Tips

  1. Spike has low health, so shoot around the walls and predict how the enemy will move to prevent the enemies from hurting you. However, it makes up for it with very high damage output.
  2. No matter your position or turn, the spikes in his attack always spread out in the same pattern. Knowing where the spikes will land, you can use this to make it easier to hit the enemy from corners and walls. 6 spikes go at 60 degree angles.
  3. Since Spike's needles can go anywhere (especially Exploding Ball accessory with), some of these needles to control the enemies hidden in the bushes you can use.
  4. Spike on impact due to multiple spikes thrown from his attack can deal extremely high damage to grouped enemies. Area of ​​effect Super can also cause problems for grouped enemies.
  5. Since the spikes on its attack spread out from each other as it travels, it's best for the cactus to explode near a target as this increases the chance of multiple spikes appearing on the same target.
  6. Spike's Super is a great tool for area control. enemy team Diamond Catchto run away with da In the Cannon If he's trying to score, you can slow their escape with your Super.
  7. Spike's fertilize star poweris a great healing tool if your team doesn't have player support. If you find yourself charging your Super too often, don't be afraid to drop it on you to fully heal you while continuing to attack enemies. This is also ReckoningAlso useful when approaching a high-damage target.
  8. Spike to slow and damage enemies while defending a critical target, healing himself fertilize can use. This tactic is especially useful when ambushed. ReckoningIt's also useful for self-defense.
  9. Spike's Exploding Ball accessory , Spike deals more damage at close range Bull ve The cousin It makes it very effective to protect from tanks such as


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