Skyrim: How to Become a Vampire | Skyrim Vampire

Skyrim: How to Become a Vampire? , Skyrim Vampire ; Vampires roam in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, so if a player wants to become a vampire, check out this article for details.

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, players will not run out of things to do anytime soon. It's a medieval fantasy world filled with lots of mystery, while players have a surprising amount of freedom to customize their characters however they want. Dragonborn can even become a vampire, if that's what a player wants.

in The Elder Scrolls vampirism nothing new. Contracting in Skyrim is surprisingly easy (although improving it is another matter entirely). Fans who want to try being a long-toothed bloodsucker, in Skyrim simply follow this guide to learn everything they need to know about how to become a vampire.

Updated on March 8, 2022: Skyrim although it is now over ten years old, there always tends to be something new for the player to experience. For fans who have never played as a vampire before, Skyrim's midnight bloodsuckers offer a unique take on an otherwise familiar gameplay experience.

Vampire Being a game comes with great benefits as well as significant drawbacks that fans should be aware of in a game. This post has been updated and expanded to give players a better idea of ​​what to expect from being one of Skyrim's most dangerous predators.

Skyrim: How to Become a Vampire | Skyrim Vampire

Contracted Vampirism


Vampirism, Although it is one of the most important diseases of Skyrim, it is one of many diseases. with vampirism to fight, players physically or vampiric A vampire must take damage from the enemy through a discharge spell. Players will know they have been infected when they receive a notification about contracting Sanguinare Vampiris.

being a vampire Fans who know what they want should look outside of Morthal for Movarth's Lair. Location plays a central role in the 'Laid to Rest' quest. Movarth's Lair is a set of several items that are most likely to give the player the necessary disease. vampire contains. Just let the enemies attack and the path to vampirism begins.

Players will definitely know they have the disease when they start getting messages like, "You're feeling weirdly weakened by the sunrise." Three days after his illness, the player character becomes a full-fledged vampire it will be.

How Does Vampirism Work?

The players are completely vampire There are a few important details to keep in mind after going through. vampirism It is divided into 4 stages. Players start in Tier 1 and advance to the next level after 24 hours of going without food. Players can feed by interacting with dormant NPCs, which will always reset their vampire status to Tier 1.

Vampirism their highest stages bring the best benefits, but they also come with the most crippling disadvantages. The Dragonborn will not die from exposure to sunlight, but it will inflict great penalties on its qualities and will be quite sensitive to fire when exposed to the sun. For a more detailed breakdown of statistics, see here.

Benefits of Being a Vampire

While vampirism comes with obvious weaknesses, its benefits can be quite valuable. Vampires have access to unique spells and active effects that become stronger as players avoid being fed (Tier 4 is the highest). Special vampire abilities include:

  • Vampire evacuation
  • Vampire's Maid
  • Vampire Vision
  • Vampire's Seduction
  • Embrace of Shadows

Positive active effects include Champion of the Night, which increases the effectiveness of Illusion spells. Nightwalker's Footsteps make the player difficult to spot when sneaking. Conversely, players will always have Sunlight Weaknesses that make it extremely difficult to restore health, stamina, and magic when exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Become a Vampire Lord

Skyrim Vampire
Skyrim Vampire

The information outlined above details how to become a "normal" vampire. A more powerful version of vampirism is offered with the Dawnguard DLC. Vampire Lord Being a little more complicated. The broad strokes are summarized below:

  • A Hold Guard, Inkeeper, etc. Talk to (Usually around Level 10)
  • Complete the "Dawnguard" Main Quest
  • Complete the "Awakening" Main Quest
  • During the “Bloodline” Main Quest, players must choose to support the Guardian of the Dawn or Lord Harkon.

After returning Serana to her father in "Bloodline," Lord Harkon tells the player Vampire Lord will offer the opportunity to become Fans have another opportunity to become a Vampire Lord from Serana during the “Chasing Echoes” Main Quest. Serana can also give this gift after completing "Kindred Judgment" or "Destroying the Dawnguard".

Benefits of Being a Vampire Lord

Vthe lord of the empireessentially a generic your vampire It is a superior version. Vampire Lords, They have a special, monstrous form that they can release any number of times per day. While in this form, they can use a wide variety of special abilities and spells that make them powerful warriors. A Vampire Lord's abilities include:

  • Bats
  • vampire claws
  • Raise the Dead
  • Vampiric Drain (more powerful version)

Most importantly, Vampire Lords has access to a special Perk tree similar to werewolves. These Advantages are Vampire Lord's greatly increases its effectiveness and Vampiric Drain and can be purchased by killing enemies through power attacks. Some of the better Benefits worth considering are:

  • Supernatural Reflexes: Everything slows down as the player moves faster
  • Unearthly Will: Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 33% less
  • Corpse Curse: Target paralyzed


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