Skyrim: How to Obtain Azura's Dark Star | The Black Star of Azura

Skyrim: How to Obtain Azura's Black Star? | The Black Star of Azura; Azura's Dark Star is a Daedric Artifact that can imprison unlimited Dark Spirits. Here's how to get the best Enchanting artifact in Skyrim…

Casting spells in Skyrim can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing high-level soul stones. Consistently purchasing Grand Soul Gems and Black Soul Gems for enchantment can be a huge financial burden and it is not always guaranteed that one can be found as loot in any dungeon.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Black Spirit Gem that never depletes, shatters, and can be reused after enchanting the field with its captive spirit? Well, look no further than the artifact given to Skyrim players by the Daedric Dawn Prince and Dusk himself: Azura's Black Star.

Skyrim : What Does Azura's Dark Star Do?

Azura's Black Staris a powerful Daedric artifact that works the same as any Black Spirit Gem found in Skyrim, with one key difference: it remains intact after use. This means that players will be able to repeatedly capture Black Souls (Men, Mer and some other humanoid NPCs) without worrying about finding another Black Soul Gem.

sorcerers, Black Star'I AzuraIt tends to be used in place of the Star of 's Star because it is an easier way to guarantee Grand-level trapped souls. Azura's Star works similarly to a reusable soul gem, but cannot trap the souls of Men and Mer. When used in battle alongside a weapon with the Soul Trap enchantment, Black Star is essentially an unlimited source of Great souls.

How to Get Black Star in Skyrim

'Black Star'To find the I in Skyrim, players must go to Winterhold. If it hasn't been discovered yet, a chariot could take Dragonborn straight to this frozen northern city. From there, enter the ravine to the west and then head directly south until you see the statue of Azura towering over the snowy plains – holding the moon in one hand and the sun in the other. Head towards this monument until you reach the Shrine of Azura, which is located at the top of a series of stairs specifically at the base of the statue. At the top is a loyal follower named Aranea who started the search for the Black Star.

Dragonborn then pursues "an elven wizard who can turn the brightest star into the darkest night." Go to the College of Winterhold and ask someone about it, which leads to The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. Nelacar, a High Elf mage, explains that his master Malyn Varen has tampered with Azura's Star and was last seen in Ilnata's Deep in Falkreath. Go here to find Broken Azura's Star. Return to Nelacar instead of going back to Aranea. He traps his soul inside the Star to defeat Malyn, then the Black Star will be in your hands!