The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI

The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI ; The Sims 4 could be even better if players hide the UI. Here is how we wrote it for you…

Sims 4in user interface There are several different ways to hide or replace it. Players often want a clean view of their home and character without all these options blocking the screen. Fortunately, each of the different ways to hide or scale the UI is pretty straightforward.

This quick guide for you will touch on all three and explain some of the problems people may encounter. There is no point in designing a masterpiece that cannot be admired. Players can follow the simple steps below to remove, scale or replace the different UIs in The Sims 4. Also, some mod information is included for those who want a more efficient User interface.

User Interface Scaling

The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI
The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI

In 2019, developers added a UI scaling setting to the menu. Just go to the menu and select the game options. From there click on accessibility and UI scale is at the top of the menu. The red bar will indicate that something in the UI will be shut down or broken. The scale must be set somewhere within the gray area of ​​the slider to see the entire UI. Set the slider all the way to the left to hide the UI. This will either completely remove the UI or make it so small that it no longer blocks a large part of the screen.

camera mode

Camera mode is a great way to hide the UI and take impressive screenshots in the game. It can also be used for shooting including overhead and panning shots or user creations. Many players have no idea about the mode, which can be accessed by simply pressing the tab key. It is worth noting that this feature does not work in build mode, it only works in live mode.

Players can then use WASD to move around. The scroll wheel on the mouse is for zooming and the mouse changes the free gaze direction. Move the camera up with E and down with Q. If someone finds themselves too distant, the tab key will exit the mode.

Panning the Camera

Players have the ability to set a camera point. When two points are set, the camera moves back and forth between the two. Setting a point is as easy as pressing CTRL + (any number 5-9 or 0). A total of six different camera points can be placed in the game at the same time. This, SimsProvides a new and interesting way to see the world in Players can admire all of their impressive creations or use different perspectives for inspiration. Users will at least want to take pictures of their homes. This is a quick and foolproof way to hide the UI without messing with settings.

Installing UI Mods

The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI
The Sims 4: How to Hide the UI

Sims 4 was launched more than six years ago. Thousands of mods are available for players who want to change their gaming experience. Some of these mods are considered cheats, but most are there to improve the user experience. An example of a quality of life mod is a UI mod.

Nexusmods is one of the best of The Sims 4 mods and anyone who wants to explore modding in the game can browse the website. The basic web page can be overwhelming, but people may look for UI mods specifically to enhance the interface. Most of these mods provide less cluttered UI, additional features, and streamlined functionality. One common feature is a hide UI button that is not present in the base game. There are many mods that combine separate mods and cheats in one menu.

Other Mods in The Sims 4

Other than the UI, anyone playing The Sims 4 who hasn't explored some of the mods available is missing out. There are mods to make a character a vampire and mods to make the characters look more realistic. There are even mods for those who want to watch a little more drama while playing the game. The mod community in the game has remained active and there are endless ways to enjoy Sims with mod improvements. New mods are released every month, and EA continues to support modding years after the game's release.






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