Hot Zone Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Hot Zone?

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Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode Guide 

What is Brawl Stars Hot Zone Game Mode?

  • Own space by staying in the Hot Zone. The first team to completely capture all the points on the map wins!
  • In the Hot Zone Event, there are 3.33-1 zones with a 3 square radius in the middle to capture.
  • The occupied space is slightly filled every half second. To make a region belong to your team, 50 saniye is necessary. .
  • In the case of multiple regions, regions with captured points change their appearance, signaling their completion.
  • There are 1, 2 or 3 zones in the middle (depends on the map)
  • The first team to capture territories wins.
  • Matches 3 minutes length and the team with the higher capture percentage wins if the match is over.
  • If the teams have the same percentage at the end of the match, they are drawn. Two teams can be in a zone at the same time, and entering a zone will not hinder the other team's progress.

In the Hot Zone Which are the Best Characters?

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hot zone best characters

  • Franc: Frank's immense health, awesome Super, and above-average movement speed allow him to easily control areas. The ability to attack enemies that haven't captured an area using its medium range makes it Pink makes it a great tank option.
  • Jessie: Dominates both single- and dual-zone maps, and its bullet effectively bounces between closely clustered opponents standing within or approaching a zone. Its tower can be placed between two zones to assist both and Energizing Star Power, Allows him to fire extra shots in one area while occupying the other area. On single-zone maps, Shock Star Power , can add an extra bit of chaos in the middle of taking control of an area or protect it from entry by opponents.
  • Mileage: Tara's range and distribution of cards, within a region great for attacking opponents standing close to each other, but it really shines when putting the Super to work. His Super can often capture two or three opponents at a time, smashing them together to make easier targets for his teammates, and even chaining several Supers in a row to destroy a team.
  • Pam: In addition to Super's healing turret that keeps her team alive, Pam can deal some heavy damage at close range and can help eliminate damaged enemies from longer range. Mother's Hug star powerespecially useful on single-zone maps when staying with teammates.
  • Sandy: Sandy is great at dealing damage to a few enemies at close range. His signature ability can hide all allies in the sandstorm, making it less likely for enemy Brawlers to hit them. Harsh Sand star power can deter enemies from entering an area and Healing Wind star power slowly heals allies in a sandstorm.
  • Mr. P : Mr.P's splashing main attack allows him to charge his Super in zone disabled modes. This is usually pushes enemies back and makes them hard to lose their positionsand that's overtime gives his team a higher capture percentage. Mr. Once P's Super is charged, he can perfectly counter low damage enemies, using a steady stream of robo-carriers to pressure them into losing position.
  • Poco: Poco deals consistent low-level damage to multiple enemies at once, and in the process attacks allies. First Star Power Da Capo improve with! Star power. The Healing Super travels an even longer distance, heal teammates when approaching / escaping from or from a different area allows.  Accessory Tuner, Paired with the initial Star Power, and Super offers a lot of healing that allows teammates to survive longer.
  • emz: Emz with a spray attack and Block Button Accessory can push enemies out of the zone and gain a lot of control with his Super. His main attack can hold most of an area for a few seconds. If an enemy has almost complete control of an area, their Signature ability will be Jessie It can help block enemies for teammates with crowd control abilities, such as
  • Max:max can keep an area at a distance and can channel it to super teammates for opportunities to control an area. movement speed, Phase Changer Accessory and his Super allow Max to pick out potential snipers and shooters trying to control an area. Max is what heavyweights and other short-range players need to survive.
  • Gale: Gale, had a main attack that was both wide and fastr and can help stop enemies from healing when occupying an area. His super ability can drive enemies away from the area and star power Stun Blow, stuns them, potentially preventing enemies from attacking for half a second. Accessory Spring Pusher, he can let himself and his teammates separate zones quickly and efficiently.
  • Barley ve Tick : Both are good players for this mode, but they really excel on some maps, such as Side by Side. While Barley can control an area with his Super, Tick is more of a damage oriented. Both of these players must stay behind and thwart enemies trying to engage their teammates. Barley has the Sticky Fluid accessory, and Tick's Super helps stop assassins and heavyweights in their tracks to quickly knock them down to finish.
  • Penny: Penny is a solid player in this game mode because Second Star Power Fireballs  and allows his team to control territories. Also, since the enemies are mostly grouped together in this game mode, the splash attack has the ability to delete teams. Distinction ve Giant Attack Plays well on maps like
  • The cousin: El Primo, gives excellent control with high health and Super. Both accessories are useful; To get rid of unwanted enemies Its first accessory is Suplex Support, you can use and Second accessory is the Meteor Belt, can be used to remove the enemy from an area. one of the best maps Giant Attack, rope fences block most of the escape routes of enemies .

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Brawl Stars Hot Zone maps


How to Win a Hot Zone?

Hot Zone Tactics

  • Diamond Catch ve SiegeThis activity, which is similar to fighting to eliminate the enemy Reckoning ve War BallUnlike , this is a mode where you have to hold your position.
  • The presence of warriors in the regions is not permanent. Fighters who can single-handedly control an area can be better supported by handling enemies advancing towards an area, then those entering an area.
  • Even stopping in one area for a short time brings victory closer, so it's better to leave at the beginning of the match to capture each zone separately.
  • Do not be afraid to enter a zone, as standing outside does not allow your team to score points. Try to be in an undetected area as much as possible.

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Hot Zone Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

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Brawl Stars Hot Zone

Brawl Stars Hot Zone

Brawl Stars Hot Zone

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