Mobile Games and PC Games to Play with Lovers 2021

As every year on the 14th of February, this year's Valentine's Day has arrived. However, he may not have thought of a Valentine's Day gift yet. We have compiled the best games for you that you can gift your girlfriend and play together and join a new adventure. If you're ready, let's get started. Request Mobile Games and PC Games to Play with Lover current 2021 list.

Mobile Games

1 – Word War

Word War is an excellent word finding game that you can play with your lover and friend. In short, the aim of the game is to know the most words until the other side does not know. It is a game where the words played by 2 people in the game compete.

2- Pubg Mobile

It is one of the best mobile games that I play with my girlfriend. You can fight against teams, either as a team or just with your lover. Since it is an online game, you have a lot of fun. also games to play with girlfriend on phone between. In the game, you try to be the last surviving team on a map where 100 people jump. In the meantime, it is very important to collect equipment from the houses you enter.

3- Lego The Lord of the Rings

A game inspired by the lord of the rings trilogy. It is also decorated with the image of lego. If you like both Lego and Lord of the Rings concepts and want to play adventure games with your girlfriend, definitely play this one. The action never ends in the game, I highly recommend it.

4- Head Ball

We have a lot of fun playing this game, I'm sure you will too. You can enter and play one-on-one with your lover or participate in tournaments together. A fun mobile game. Also, the second game is out, you can check it out too. The logic of the game is quite simple. You try to beat him by scoring more goals than your opponent with your character. It's a completely free game.

5- Basketball Arena

The game, released by the makers of the Head Ball game, has the same logic as Head Ball. However, basketball is played here, not football. In this game, you can be rivals with your lover or you can play together as a teammate. It's a pretty fun game.

6- Hay Day

In this game, even if you cannot take part in the same game with your lover, you can play together by helping each other in the game. Hay Day is a farm game where you can sell your wheat or fruit vegetables and grow.

7- Human: Fall Flat

Fall Flat is actually a computer game. But there is also a mobile version of this fun game. This game is also an excellent game where you can laugh with your friends.

8- Uno

No one knows the Uno card game. The reason why this card game is loved is, of course, its simplicity. Uno, one of the most popular card games, has a mobile version.

9- Fire and Water 5

I guess most of you know this game, but I'll talk about it briefly anyway. This game for two can be easily taken into the mobile category of games to be played with a lover. There are two characters in the game, Fire and Water. These two characters are trying to pass the levels by helping each other.

10- Monopoly

I guess I don't need to explain the Monopoly game too much. In the game, we try to take certain regions and become real estate rich. Of course, it is very important not to come to the places where other players buy. If you come across places owned by your opponent, you have to pay rent and your money is gone. A game that you can play with your lover and friends.

11- The Sims Mobile

When it comes to games played with a lover on the computer, the first thing that comes to mind is Sims. Mobile On the other hand, it is possible to play Sims with your lover. In the game, which is a real life simulator, you try to ensure that your characters continue their lives well. If you haven't tried this game, which is quite enjoyable, I recommend you to check it out.

12- Among Us

Although Among Us is not a game that you can play alone with your lover, your lover can also join the game while playing with a group of friends. There are few killers in the game and they try to kill other players until the end of the game without revealing their identities. It is one of the most enjoyable games that can be played with your lover.

13- 2 Players Games The Challenge

It is an application that has two-player games on its name. Finding different games ensures that you do not get bored easily. If you are tired of playing a single game all the time and you want to have many games in one application, I recommend the application. Thanks to this game, you will not understand how time passes.

14- Travia Crack

Online games to play with your lover mobile Another suggestion is Travia Crack. The game, which is based on general culture, has questions from every category and you try to score more points than the person in front of you. You both increase your general culture and have fun. You can also play this game with your lover.

PC Games

Now there are games that you can play on the computer. If you want, let's move on to our list without further ado.

1 – Portal 2

Portal 2, the continuation of the portal game, is a game that you can not only play with your lover, but also with your friends. The game is a fun game where you pass certain tests as 2 robots.

2 – Overcooked

Overcooked is an excellent cooking game where you cook with your girlfriend. This game, in which you add excitement to your excitement by fighting against time, is just for the cooks.

3 – Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater, which I play with great pleasure, is an excellent double player game. The best part of this game, where you jump from adventure to adventure, is its drawing and scenes. This is a really hard-to-find game that will make you laugh out loud in the game.

We have come to the end of our article on Mobile Games and PC Games to Play with Your Lover.

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