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How to Play Brawl Stars Cannon?

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Brawl Stars War Ball What is Game Mode?

Cannon - Brawl Stars Game Mode
War Ball
  • Take the ball to the opposing team's goal to score a goal!
  • The match ends when a team scores two goals or the match is completed.
  • Cannon has two teams of three players each.
  • It is played in teams of 3 to 3. The duration of a match is 2.30 minutes.



Brawl Stars  Cannon Mode Guide

War Ball Purpose of the game mode

  • The goal is to get the ball originally in the middle of the map. To score a goal into the opponent's goal.
  • The team that scores two goals first wins, however, one team can also win by scoring more goals than the other when time is up.
  • If the time runs out while the teams are tied, the game goes into overtime for 1 minute and all obstacles (except for the goals) are cleared.
  • If there is still a draw at the end of overtime, the game is a draw.
  • Activating your Super with the ball takes the ball further, but uses the Super. Automatically aiming a charge or Super with the ball will shoot the ball precisely towards the center of the enemy's goal. The tool cannot be used if you are holding the ball. If the ball carrier is stunned, knocked back, or defeated, they drop the ball.

Brawl Stars Cannon

War BallWhich Characters Are The Best?

cannon best characters

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  • Bull : Bull's has a high amount of health and can withstand significant damage. It also deals a lot of damage, which is good against other high health fighters. Using his Super, Bull can quickly traverse the map and break key walls.
  • Poco : Poco with a long-range, wide attack moderate health has. This attack can easily recharge a Super as it can pass through enemies. It's crucial as you'll need to heal your teammates (and yourself) to score a Super. Star Power Da Capo! , can also be useful for healing teammates. Poco must help fend off the defenders when your teammate is about to score.
  • Gale : Galley Has medium health and deals medium damage.r. He can push his opponents away from the ball with his super ability. Stun Blast Star Power With this, he can push several opponents from the ball to a wall, allowing him or his teammates to pick up the ball and score.
  • Frank : Frank, The person with the most health in the game. Due to his high health, he can run to the goal while shooting and throw/carry the ball into the goal. Using his Super he can destroy obstacles in a wide area and can also stun enemies for a long time and give his team enough time to score (when the enemies are stunned, you can pick up the ball from them and hit the ball). Additionally, his basic attack is quite effective because he can deal area damage and enemy players tend to clump together. The Super charges fast and allows you to Super hit the ball very often.
  • The cousin : El Primo, 2nd in the game with the most health. Since he is a tank he can run to the goal and throw/carry the ball into the goal while shooting a little. El Primo can also inflict serious and sustained damage to the enemy carrying the ball. In addition, His super ability can destroy obstacles and steal the ball from opponents, so he can create openings in the enemy's castle and use it to pass himself. Both accessories help El Primo; Suplex Support, while you can remove defenders from their targets or stop enemies from walking the ball towards your own target, Meteorite Belt  If there are any enemies near the walls and El Primo reaches them, it can inevitably destroy the enemy walls.
  • Mileage : When Tara uses her Super to drag her enemies, they'll all rally together and let her and her teammates defeat the enemies, but they'll also throw the ball. Take advantage to score and defend goals after the enemy team is assembled. This, Makes Tara useful both offensively and defensively.
  • Spike :Spikes has high damage; Even if his attack misses, spikes can still damage enemies. In addition, his Signature ability can slow down enemies, making him effective in defense. Be careful though, as you need to watch out for his low health. However, Spike's high utility Super and range outdoes them in most respects.
  • Darryl : Darryl is useful because of its Super feature that reloads quickly. You can throw the ball in front of Darryl and then use your Super to roll it towards the ball, move it a long distance, and then collect the ball again. Darryl can also use his Super to make his enemies drop the ball. Thanks to his fairly high health and Steel Circles, he can throw/carry the ball into the goal while shooting a bit.
  • Pink : You can activate Rosa Super and can run to the target. With his damage reduction shield, he can withstand most enemy attacks while keeping control of the ball. Note that Rosa's shield will not make her immune to a stun, slow, pull, or knockback.
  • Carl ve Bea: Both can hit the ball without using any ammo and Carl's Super can be used to reposition himself to help the team score a goal or deal area damage (Mileage's Super), Bea's Super to secure a goal or prevent opponents from scoring. Carl's Flying Hook accessory can also be used to make a self pass by activating the Device, kicking the ball, and throwing his pickaxe after the ball.
  • bibi : Bibi kicks back the ball carrier with her bat that she was running in her own house. Useful for defending your target as it forces the ball to drop. Fast movement speed and high health Also useful in attack. Both Star Powers help Bibi, Home Run can make Bibi run faster and potentially score a goal. Shooting Position Star Power, allowing him to take more damage and have a higher chance of getting the ball in.
  • emz : Emz, It is very useful as a control fighter. His main attack can block enemy routes, and his superpower can slow enemies down, blocking their advance. Emz's first Star Power : Blind Fortune , allowing him to deal a large amount of damage, taking most of the low and medium health players. Excitement Star Power  While using his Super, he heals Emz, allowing him to survive longer and sometimes to move the ball towards the goal. Additionally, Emz's Accessory Blocking Button, can remove the ball from their hands by pushing the enemy away.
  • Jacky : Jacky, for this mod a great offensive player. high health and she can put pressure on enemies with her damage, defend with her Super, and hit enemies behind target barriers forcing enemies to retreat. Jacky's Second Star Power: Hard Helmet, allowing him to take more damage and enter the castle with ease. Additionally, Jacky's Pneumatic Booster accessorycan be used to make quick scores early in the match and put pressure on long-range players who would otherwise oppose him.
  • Gene : Gene has multiple abilities (accessory and Super) that allow enemies to drop the ball. His Super ability can be used offensively to push an enemy away from the castle where it could be a problem for your team, and his accessory allows him to momentarily neutralize the ball behind walls. His high damage output combined with his explosive potential also allows him to recover some targets with damage only.

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How to Play Brawl Stars Cannon


Brawl Stars War Ball maps

Brawl Stars Cannon Maps

Brawl Stars Cannon Maps

Brawl Stars Cannon Maps

Cannon - Brawl Stars Game Mode
Brawl Stars Cannon Maps


War Ball How to Earn?

War Ball tactics

  • Fighters with a Super that can destroy obstacles (Shelly, Colt ve The cousin etc.) are really useful for attacking. They can clear the way and they can let the team kick the goal without having to go around the boxes. However, be careful if you use one, because you can destroy obstacles that will help the enemies next to you.
    Her super or main attack can knock back or stun an enemy (Shelly, Dynamics ve Bull etc.) fighters can be helpful in defense as it will cause the enemy to lose control of the ball.
  • Since you can't attack while you have the ball, a viable strategy is to pass the ball to an enemy so it starts dealing damage to them. However, don't try this strategy if the enemy you're aiming for is close to your team's goal: they might kick the ball at them because they're too close.
  • The cousin or a Bull If you notice the yellow dotted ring around an enemy, such as someone else, chances are they're trying to knock the ball out of your hand with their Super. If you see the yellow ring, pass the ball to a teammate, or alternatively, throw the ball at the enemy so they waste their Super.
  • Crow, The cousin, Edgar ve Darryl There are some players who can travel with their Supers, such as His Supers, if timed and positioned correctly, can be used in desperate times to catch a speeding ball.

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Cannon - Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Brawl Stars Cannon Top Teams – Cannon Top Characters

cannon top teams
cannon top teams

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How to Play Cannon – Brawl Stars Cannon Video