Sauron's Tower of Darkness Moved to Valheim

Sauron's Tower of Darkness Moved to Valheim ;The most recognizable game of recent days valheimWith the freedom it offers, it tries to undermine even Minecraft's throne. The game, which focuses on exploration and survival, has turned into a platform where millions of players talk about their creativity, although it was released at the beginning of February.

Today, instead of creating a structure from scratch, we met an actor who brought an existing fictional structure to the world of Valheim. This player isHe succeeded in relocating Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower in the world of the Lord of the Rings, to Valheim. The tower took its place in the game world with its gigantic size.

Sauron's Tower of Darkness Moved to Valheim

The Dark Tower has been moved to the world of Valheim;

The Dark Tower in Valheim, which you can view from the image above, features the cinema frames that we see at the top with a wonderful resemblance. Those who want to see the Dark Tower with their own eyes in Valheim can also download this map for free from NexusMods.

Of course, players who see that the Dark Tower has been transferred to the game world in a perfect way, will be different from the player who built the tower. Lord of the Rings He asked him to build his buildings. We do not know what the actor thinks about making other structures. But we are sure that these builds will be presented by other creative players in the future, if not by the individual player.

Allowing you to push the limits of your creativity valheim, even though it came out earlier this month Three million sales in a 3-week period managed to overcome. Iron gate The game developed by the company will continue to acquire new content in 2021, according to the company's statement, and we hope that it will exit the early access phase as soon as possible.

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