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In this writing Rico Brawl Stars Features Costumes we will examine RicoRico Brawl Stars is one of the game's very rare snipers. Rico, dealing substantial damage to enemies with a burst of bullets Rico We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

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Rico Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Brawl Stars Rico character

Rico Brawl Stars Features Costumes

Rico's bullet blasts bounce off the wall. While in Super, he fires long-range bursts of projectiles that pass targets.

Rico (formerly Ricochet), has low health and moderately high damage output Super Rare Character. Her Strike and Super have unique shells that can still bounce off walls and travel.

Accessory, Multiple Balls, rapidly hurling waves of bullets bouncing around him in all directions.

First Star Power Super Jump (Super Bouncy) causes its bullets to move faster and deal extra damage after jumping.

Second Star Power Mechanical Escape (Robo Retreat) makes him move faster when his health drops below 40%.

Attack: Bouncing Bullets ;

Rico's bullets bounce off walls, gaining range. They can shoot enemies behind cover.
Rico's main attack is a burst of five low spread projectiles that can bounce off walls. This is really useful when the enemy is in the corner because Rico can easily hit them while he can't retaliate. With each bounce, projectiles gain an additional 1,67 squares of range. This attack takes 0,95 seconds to complete.

Super: Trick Shot ;

Rico gains range with a long burst of bullets that pierces enemies and bounces off walls.
Casting his Super fires larger, longer range bouncing projectile blasts that can continue to move and bounce off walls after hitting an enemy. This is very useful in situations where enemies are all grouped together and allows you to hit multiple targets. This attack is very similar to Rico's main attack and hitting enemies from corners and can also be used for protection.

Brawl Stars Rico Costumes

Cute and dangerous Rico is an interesting character with his different appearance. Rico has 4 different costumes. These costumes and their prices are as follows:

  • Ricochet: Free
  • Gold Rico: 150 Stars
  • Rico the Corn: 150 Stars
  • Rico the Guardian: 150 Stars
Rico Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Rico Brawl Stars Costumes

Rico Features

It has 8 different character traits. Rico's features are as follows:

  • Health: 3640
  • Damage Per Bullet: 448 (5)
  • SUPER: Damage Per Bullet 448 (12)
  • Super Length (ms): 1250
  • Reload Speed ​​(ms): 1200
  • Attack Speed ​​(ms): 1000
  • Speed: Normal (Rico is an average speed champion)
  • Attack Range: 9.67
  • Level 1 Damage: 1600
  • 9-10. Level Damage: 2240
  • Level 1 Super Damage: 3840
  • 9-10. Level Super Damage: 5376
Level Health
1 2800
2 2940
3 3080
4 3220
5 3360
6 3500
7 3640
8 3780
9 – 10 3920

Rico Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Super Jump ;

Rico's shells, both from attack and Super, are overloaded with their first jump and deal +124 damage!
If Rico's bullets bounce off the wall, they glow, moving faster and dealing 124 bonus damage. Bonus damage must be added once, otherwise enemies will take normal damage.

warrior's 2. star power : Mechanical Escape ;

When Rico drops below 40%, he runs 34% faster!
When Rico's health drops below 40%, he gains a 34% movement speed boost, allowing him to move much faster and easily evade enemies. The effect goes away when his health is above 40%.

Rico Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Multiple Balls ;

Rico shoots undulating waves of bullets in all directions.
Rico fires two waves of projectiles around himself at a range of 8 squares in 12 directions, each dealing 320 damage. These bullets last for a shorter time than other bullets.

Rico Tips

  • Rico's health is pretty low, so you have to use your jumping ability and attack range to damage enemies while staying away from enemy fire.
  • Rico's Super has much longer range than his basic attack, so it's useful for defeating a fleeing enemy or shooting a shot that requires multiple jumps.
  • Robberyda Rico's Super pierces through enemies, so you can use it when enemies line up to hit both them and the safe.
  • Rico's Super Jump star power(Super Bouncy) deals an additional 124+ damage when bouncing to his bouncing bullets. This encourages Rico to shoot through walls to deal more damage. It also gives his Super a massive damage boost if it bounces off a wall first. This star power is especially useful on certain maps.
  • Mechanical Escape star powerallows you to get into fights and escape when you have low health. If you're a good sniper, you should stay away from fights and attack from afar. For more experienced players / good dodges, you can keep shooting to prevent Rico from healing and abuse the speed buff to dodge attacks and even Mortis ve CrowYou can stay below 40% to outperform . This is also Boss War ve In Super City Attack Incredibly useful when waiting for teammates to respawn.
  • Just as Shelly just like Rico can chain his Super if enemy fighters line up or if you hit multiple targets. If you want more damage done, attack first, then use Super.

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