How Do Resident Evil Village Animals Hunt?

How Do Resident Evil Village Animals Hunt? Resident Evil Village Beginners Hunting Tips,   ; Hunt nearby animals to get permanent power ups…

Resident evil villageCurious how the hunting system works in ? This is the first game in the Resident Evil series that lets you hunt animals in the wild. Animals can be slaughtered for meat and provide significant survival benefits against the village's toughest foes. Spending your limited supply of ammo on local farm animals might sound like a silly idea, but these meal upgrades are well worth the effort.

Resident Evil Village Beginners Hunting Tips

The animals in the village are of different sizes, from small fish in ponds to large rams grazing on nearby plants. Small animals are much easier to hunt, but the rewards of fighting large animals are too good to ignore and your successful hunts can be traded in The Duke's Kitchen. Which Resident evil village Check with Duke routinely after collecting meat to see if you can create his recipes.

Here you can turn your hard-earned meat into a hearty meal. The upgrades for these meals can be the difference between life and death, so it's important to stock up before you venture into a new place. Here's everything you need to know about how hunting works in Resident Evil Village.

How Do Resident Evil Village Animals Hunt?

hunting animals, Resident Evil Village'It's also a simple process – simply shoot animals to get their meat. Don't worry about how to execute the animal - this isn't Far Cry, you won't be punished with unusable meat. You can also slaughter animals with your knife to save ammo, but we don't recommend doing this against large livestock as they can reciprocate. By using your knife you can kill small animals like chicken and fish in one hit.

When dealing with anything larger than the size of a chicken, you may find that these animals do not like to be attacked. Don't judge an animal's attack power by its size – even pigs can do deadly damage. Heal before you hunt to avoid being on the losing side of a man's pig fight.

How to Hunt Animals in Resident Evil Village

Hunting large animals using a pistol requires multiple bullets to take them down, so consider upgrading to a more powerful weapon. Rams in particular require lots of shots before they give up, but even smaller animals like pigs are surprisingly hardy. When you kill an animal, your map will automatically update to remind you that you are taking care of all animals in an area. These animals do not respawn, so you should avoid selling meat to the Duke.