How to play as Tachanka in Rainbow Six Extraction – Skills and abilities

Tachanka, perhaps the most notorious operator in Rainbow Six: Siege, has returned to the landing zone to kill some archaea with some classic weapons. While Tachanka is largely considered a "meme-pick" in Siege, he's actually incredibly useful in Rainbow Six: Extraction, with the ability to extract large amounts of archaea faster than any other operator in the game. Even if you fall, your team can take advantage of your talent.

The best weapons for Tachanka

The weapon selection is pretty obvious for Tachanka as her ability is also a weapon. Your starting weapon with the Tachanka is the SASG12 shotgun, which looks a bit underpowered but can definitely get you out of a rough situation. After playing Tachanka and leveling up, you'll eventually unlock access to the 9x19VSN SMG and AK-12. While the SMG is useful for short-range engagements, the high-powered AK-12 will suit you well in almost any situation.

Tachanka also comes equipped with GSH-18 and PMM side arms. Both of these guns are relatively similar, but the GSH-18 comes with a bit more ammo at the expense of power. However, with a suppressor, he manages to headshot weaker archaeans in one shot.

How is Tachanka's Monte LMG best used?

Tachanka's Mounted LMG is one of the most fun emote abilities in Rainbow Six: Extraction. There is nothing better than setting up and smashing some archaea that are coming to defeat your team. However, it's best to save on deploying your Mounted LMG until you reach a defensive target where you need to stay around the target for it to advance. This is the perfect opportunity for Tachanka or a teammate to mount and defend any archean that may appear. Be aware of your surroundings when firing as an arcane may sneak up behind you.

How to best play as Tachanka

Tachanka is a slow and powerful operator with three armors with one gear. Therefore, if you find that things are heating up, you will want to treat and set up your team like a tank. While Tachanka is a blast to play, your skill may seem a bit situational, but it can actually be quite useful for mass archae clearing or big boss damage. Just be careful that you are not mobile while on your Mounted LMG, so if archaea start to get a little close, dismount and reposition your LMG.

Communication is key when it comes to Tachanka and her Mounted LMG ability. If a teammate falls, don't be afraid to immediately deploy your Mounted LMG to clear any archaea around their body and retrieve them quickly. It's best to think of the Tachanka as a mobile sentry tower that can quickly seal and clear areas for your team, allowing them to advance to the target with ease.

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