PUBG New game mode LABS: Zone Tag

PUBG New game mode LABS: Zone Tag ; A brand new way to play PUBG comes to LABS!

Zone Tag In , players will compete for possession and possession of a ball that has appeared in the match. From this point on, the entire blue area will be centered on the player holding the ball, flooding them with a beam of light and following them until the ball hits the ground. All players in this squad also enjoy an unlimited energy meter! If the ball is not held by any player, it will either look for a suitable target nearby or start moving towards Pochinki in the center of the map until it is again held by a player. Blue Area He will take it with him.

This mod is intended to be fast and furious; therefore, ground vehicles will appear at every possible spot on the map, will not take weapon damage, will not burst tires, and will provide players with unlimited ammo while inside the vehicle. Your weapon will still have some capacity and require a magazine change, but the magazine replacement will not deplete your ammo stock.

PUBG New game mode LABS: Zone Tag
PUBG New game mode

When the 6th stage of the game begins, the ball will disappear and the position of the circle will be determined. From this point on, the field settings will be the same as in all other matches and teams will have to fight to be the last squad standing.

A few quick notes on the rules: Water, small islands around Erangel, some inaccessible rooftops in general, and steamboats are out of the game. Entering one of these restricted areas will automatically drop the ball and players in these areas will not be considered eligible targets for tying the ball. Also, players will take damage when they enter the water, so be sure to keep your boots dry while charting your course.

The rules can be found below in full detail. LABS: Zone Tag, It will be playable for PC from February 9 – 15, and for Console from February 23 – March 1. This is quite a different event for us, so jump right into our new mode and let us know what you think! Get the ball, fend off the attackers, and create your own final circle to kill everyone remaining in the Zone Tag!

  • The ball appears at a random player at the beginning of the match.
  • The ball also drags the center of the circle wherever it moves.
  • The ball gives the carrier a special visual effect.
  • All players on the carrier's team get full energy.


  • The player in possession of the ball shall be illuminated by a beam of light visible from a distance of 100 m.
  • The ball may not be dropped or handed manually; it will automatically drop only if a player falls to the ground, is killed or enters a restricted area.
  • When not attached to a player, the Ball will slowly rise into the air for 5 seconds or until it is not blocked by a structure.
  • The ball will then search for a new suitable target within 30 meters and begin to lock onto that target.
  • If no suitable target is found, the Ball will remain stationary for 15 seconds before starting to move towards the center of the map.
  • A system message will appear for all players when the ball is dropped or retrieved.
PUBG New game mode LABS: Zone Tag
PUBG New game mode LABS: Zone Tag


  • The "ball" also drags the center of the circle wherever it moves.
  • There are still circle stages that shrink the circle and increase its damage.
  • In stage 6, the ball is lost and the center of the circle is locked until the end of the match.

Restricted Areas

  • Entering a Restricted Area will separate the ball from the player and cause players to be ineligible to receive the ball.
  • Restricted Areas include:
    • Small islands off the mainland
    • Inaccessible Roofs and High Floors
    • steamers
    • Su
      • The player who enters the water with the ball will take damage and the ball will leave the player.


  • Ground Vehicles will appear at every possible spawn point on the map.
    • Boats and Motor Gliders will not appear.
  • No vehicles will take weapon damage and vehicles cannot have tires blown.
    • However, we cannot guarantee any damage caused by hitting objects!
    • Nail Traps do not appear.
  • Changing the magazines of weapons while inside a vehicle does not consume ammo.

Program Schedule

  • The Field Tag will be available at different times on both PC and Console via LABS.
    • PC:February 9 – February 15
    • Console:23 February – 1 March


  • Erangel – Sunny
  • TPP and Squad Only
  • Minimum number of players: 40 (PC) / 32 (Console)
  • Maximum number of players: 100 (PC/Console)
  • The ball blocked all access the bots had. There will be no bots in this mode.

Notes on playing in LABS 

  • LABS games do not provide gameplay rewards XP.
  • LABS games are not considered for Careers.
  • LABS games are not counted in Survivor Pass missions.