PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update NotesI ;Update 11.1 is now on the test server!

of Paramo Jump back into its mountainous and volatile terrain and try new game modes and fight with the latest weapon balance update and increased damage Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L!

improved PUBG Learn about the ID and 10 new Mastery Medals. Quickly travel with your team to the safe area with the Emergency Rescue Balloon on large maps. 11.1 it also includes a death stream update, new ways to add friends, match history and much more.

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

Season 10 Ranked Rewards

PUBG Update 11.1 - Update Notes
PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

Season 10 is over and now it's time to enjoy your rewards! Rewards are distributed at the start of Season 11. You can find the rewards in the inventory.

Season 10 rewards are awarded based on your ranked level in the most current season:

    • Ranked Emblem
    • Season 10 Ranked Parachute Cosmetics
    • Season 10 Ranked Mirado Cosmetics
  • Prize Distribution Conditions
    • Players who have achieved any rank at the end of the season will be rewarded with a rank emblem.
    • Players who are at Gold V or higher at the end of the season will be rewarded with a Mirado skin.
    • Players who are at Diamond V or higher at the end of the season will be rewarded with a Mirado and Parachute skin.

Season 11 Ranked Start

PUBG Update 11.1 - Update Notes
PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

Starting with Season 11, the Ranked Season will run over a two-month period. The season's start and end dates will no longer be the same as the Pass. Accordingly, changes were made to the reward table.

Players, especially those with higher ranks, often use the rank emblem. However, in our analysis, we found that players tend to use emblems from the last season much more than from older seasons. To better emphasize the honor of earning a rank each season, we're now moving to a model where only the 'achievement-based' rewards for the next ranked season will be unlocked. This way, all players will know that you recently earned your rank award for your display and don't flaunt your old-fashioned reputation. To highlight the honor of earning high ranks, we've improved the quality of high rank emblems and added nameplates as an additional type of merit-based reward.

  • Ranked Rewards Table Changes
    • Ranked Parachute cosmetics are awarded from the rank of Gold. (Previously Plat)
    • Vehicle cosmetics are no longer awarded in Ranked.
    • Animated emblems are awarded as Ranked rewards for those who reach the Platinum rank.
    • Nameplates have been added for the Master and First 500 ranks.
  • Updated Reward Table
    • Updated designs of the awards will be announced in the future.
Level Award List
Bronze ● Bronze PUBG ID Emblem


● Silver PUBG ID Emblem


● Golden PUBG ID Emblem 

● Graduated Parachute Cosmetics

platinum ● Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem 

● Graduated Parachute Cosmetics



● Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem 

● Graduated Parachute Cosmetics

Old hand ● Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem 

● Animated Master Nameplate

● Graduated Parachute Cosmetics

Top 500 Bonus rewards for players who top the Leaderboard 

● Animated Top 500 Emblems

● Animated Top 500 Nameplates

The rewards are added to your inventories when Season 11 lands on the main server.

Season 11 Ranked Update

The spawn rates of all weapons will be increased on all maps, similar to Esports mode. We've increased the item spawn rate by 30-40% to support their pickup speed. The spawn rate of other items, such as vehicles, remains unchanged.

Back to Paramo

PUBG Update 11.1 - Update Notes
PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

Regular and Special matches the paramo We brought him back and said goodbye to Haven and Karakin.

What's changed with the Paramo update:

  • The Paramo terrain continues to change, but one random new spot has been added.
  • Increased spawn rates for the Secret Chamber and the Help Package Helicopter.
  • Terrain improvements have been made and extra field cover has been added.

Regular Match

  • Up to 64 players can play in a match, including bots.
  • Supports TPP and FPP and Solo/Duo/Squad.

Private Match

  • It can be played in private matches.
  • Added Secret Room key spawn tab.
  • Sandbox mode is available for Partners.

Map Service Plan

Last year, our team focused on multiple minimaps and different features and presented the Haven map with PvPvE elements including Karakin with building destruction, Paramo with varying terrain and city life. We love to design new and interesting maps for you, but matchmaking and map rotation are quite challenging. To offset this, we will limit the number of playable maps to 11.1 with Update 5.

We know that our players have different preferences in terms of map size, but the common idea is for large 8×8 maps. However, Erangel and Miramar will always remain the map in rotation. Map rotation allows us to concentrate and work on some maps more. With Update 11.1, Paramo will replace Karakin in rotation.

Paramo is a map that our fans love so much and have been wanting to come back for a long time. We added new game modes, made fixes, included them in the map pool and made them playable in private matches as well. Karakin will continue to be in private matches.

We hope this plan will make PUBG's map selection exciting and matchmaking times will continue in a healthy way. Thanks and enjoy Paramo!

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes- Weapon Balance Update

We've made adjustments to Weapon Balance based on data we've collected over the past months. We found that Beryl, M416 and SLR weapons are all used at the same rate in normal matches. But in Ranked matches, Beryl outperforms other weapons, followed closely by the SLR. We've decided to weaken Beryl and the SLR to try to keep matches exciting and ensure we offer players different and appropriate combat options. On the other hand, we saw some weapons underperforming and so we slightly overpowered the Mini-14, VSS and SCAR-L.

  • Mini-14
    • Damage increased by +1. (46 → 47)
  • VSS
    • Damage increased by +2. (41 → 43)
  • SCAR-L
    • Damage increased by +1. (41 → 42)
  • SLR
    • Horizontal recoil increased by 15%.
    • Recoil reset speed decreased. (2,1 → 1,9)
  • Beryl
    • Horizontal recoil amount increased by 5%.
    • The horizontal recoil speed has been increased. (10 → 11)
    • Vertical recoil speed increased by +1,5. (15 → ​​16,5)

Emergency Rescue Balloon

PUBG Update 11.1 - Update Notes
PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

When Emergency Rescue is deployed, a Fulton Balloon pops out of her bag. When the balloon is fully inflated and rises into the air, within 60 seconds an airplane will arrive. During this time, up to 4 players can hold onto the rope of the Fulton Balloon. When the plane arrives, it catches the Balloon, pulls the players up and heads towards the center of the Safe Area. At any moment of the flight, players can drop themselves and jump with a parachute. When deploying Emergency Rescue, make sure to choose an area with a clear view of the sky and no obstacles (land, vehicles, buildings), otherwise it will fail. Emergency Rescue cannot be used before the first Circle and after the fourth Circle; so use it wisely. It also cannot be used indoors, on ferries or trains.

The Emergency Rescue Balloon to be carried in your Inventory can only be found in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Emergency Rescue can be used effectively in the following situations:

  • If players are unable to escape the Blue Zone or are stuck in the Blue Zone
  • If they need to cross an open area under fire from another team
  • If you and your teammates want to loot in a safe place

After being picked up by the aircraft, note the following:

  • You cannot shoot after being picked up by the aircraft.
  • Therefore, you are potentially vulnerable to air attacks from the Motor Glider.
  • Players holding on to the rope will take damage, including the Motor Glider.
  • Players can drop the rope and open their parachute whenever they want.
  • If the altitude is less than 50 meters, the parachute cannot be opened.
  • The camera is set to TPP and fixed in this mode.

Mastery Medals Update

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

Added ten new types of Mastery Medals.

  • The first medal update focuses on killing skills in combat, and this update adds various combat situations and medals focused on survival.
  • Available in Regular Matches and Ranked Matches. However, Mastery Medals cannot be obtained in Arcade, Labs, and Custom Matches.

PUBG ID Update

PUBG Update 11.1 - Update Notes
PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes
  • Players can display up to two medals on their PUBG ID. This is a great way to show off your achievements.
    • Previous level medals are deleted when reaching a higher level.
  • Players can customize their PUBG ID from the Customize tab.


PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes
  • PUBG ID will not be displayed on the passport profile form. Instead, a pop-up profile window with the player's information will be shown.

Mutual friend

PUBG's previous friend system only allowed following another player. With the new Mutual Friends feature, players will be able to befriend each other. Also more social features will be added.

  • Support is provided for up to 300 friends.
  • A “Friend request” tab will be added to its social page. You can find mutual friend status here.
  • With the friend request blocking feature, you can block the friend requests of the players you want for 30 days. (If a friend request is blocked, it cannot be canceled during this time.)
  • The “Following” feature is no longer supported.
  • You can find the list of previously followed friends in the "Previous list" section.
    • Friend request can be sent from this list.

Interface / User Experience Improvements

Death Stream Update

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes
  • Death stream text is no longer supported. Instead, the death flow is provided graphically and the option to select the death flow has been removed.
  • Dropdown and headshot icons are now separated for better visibility.

New Feature: Match Log

PUBG Update 11.1 – Update Notes

As kill stream text is no longer supported, we have added a screen showing the log of matches using the existing kill stream text feature.

  • The Match Log feature can be accessed from the System Menu.
    • Important messages (all messages displayed in the middle of the screen)
    • kill messages
  • The Match Log is not available in the following cases:
    • In all mods that support respawn.
    • Ranked and Esports modes.
    • Mods that don't support killstreams
      • Training Mode
    • Match Logs will activate in the following modes:
      • Battle royale mode.
      • Zombie mode.
      • Field label mode.
    • Also, Spectator mode supports Match Logs even in Ranked and Esports modes.

Esports Tab PGI.S Champions Page Update

You can now find the winners of PGI.S 2021 in the Lobby – Esports tab. The page will arrive with the 11.1 update.

  • The top four ranked teams will be displayed along with the grand prize total.
  • Congratulatory messages will be displayed.
  • Pictures of champions will be displayed.

Notice Change

  • In normal match play, a confirmation popup will appear stating that your reputation will be dropped if you choose to “Leave” after the plane takes off.
    • If you choose to “Leave” before the plane takes off or after you die, your reputation will not be damaged and no notification will be displayed.
    • This message appears in Battle Royale Normal matches.
  • Match Rank Popup Will Be Removed
    • Your feedback in terms of match ratings has been a great help in improving PUBG. We will continue to improve PUBG based on the data collected. The previous evaluation system will be replaced by the new survey system.
  • The Player Profile Icon is located in the Friend System UI in the lower right corner.

Shop Improvements

  • We bring the newly designed G-Coin page.
  • Items can be easily found by selecting the sub-category.
    • Categories that do not contain items will be disabled.
    • Some categories have been renamed.
    • Added subcategory.
  • Modeling size adjusted in preview.

QoL Improvements

  • The maximum number of participants is displayed in the Customize tab emote settings.
  • Players can create up to three Private match sessions; ie the player will not have to wait to start a new session.
  • A new survey system is coming. Players will be notified via the notification center when a new poll is started.

TDM Map Display Change

  • Based on various community feedback, Sanhok matchmaking rate will be slightly reduced in PTO.

Performance Improvements

  • We improved server performance by reducing replication costs.
  • We have optimized the cost of level flow operation to improve stuttering during level flow.
  • We've improved the redundant costs associated with projection and optimized projection computing within buildings.
  • Help package optimization.
    • We've improved the iteration method to improve the server hang issue with the help package.
  • Red Channel
    • The Red area component we previously created from the server has been removed and the location of the red area is given to the clients just to duplicate the red areas.
  • Image loading speeds have been improved outside of the game.

Items & Cosmetics

  • April New Cosmetics – Hippie
    • Sales Term
      • 14 April 2021 11:00 KST – 13 April 2022 11:00 KST
      • 13 April 2021 19:00 PDT – 12 April 2022 19:00 PDT
      • 14 April 2021 04:00 CEST – 13 April 2022 04:00 CEST
    • Things
      • 4 Sept
          • Groovy Glasses
          • Groovy Bandana
          • Groovy Dress
          • Groovy Bot
          • Cool Halterneck Blouse
            Cool Spanish Trousers
            Air Sandals
          • One Love Beret
            One Love Shirt
            One Love Trousers
            One Love Shoes
          • Far Out Sunglasses
            Far Out Shirt
            Far Out Spanish Trousers
            Far Out Slippers
        • 2 Vehicles
          • “High Flyin'” Motor Glider
          • “Hippie Soul” Aquarail
        • 2 Emotes
          • Victory Dance 46
          • Victory Dance 47
        • 19 Items
      • Weapon Cosmetics – Gold/Silver Beryl
        • Sales Term
          • 21 April 11:00 KST – 2 June 11:00 KST
          • 20 April 19:00 PDT – 1 June 19:00 PDT
          • 21 April 04:00 CEST – 2 June 04:00 CEST
        • Things
          • 1 Sept
            • FANCY BERRYL PACK
              • Gold Plated – Beryl M762
              • Silver Plated – Beryl M762
            • 2 Items
          • Adjusted item patterns on Corgi Crew Cosmetics due to texture issues.