How to Turn Off PUBG Last Seen?

How to Turn Off PUBG Last Seen? ; PUBG last seen shutdown is one of the topics that many players wonder how to do. In the game, friends see each other's last seen. Those who do not want to show their last seen even to their friends are researching how they can do this.

Thanks to the last seen, friends can find out when each other was last logged into the game. Thus, they act according to this information when sending game invites and writing messages. Some players who want to keep their mystery do not want to share their last seen information. In this article, we will explain how to turn off PUBG last seen.

How to Turn Off PUBG Last Seen?

Last seen mute is a feature often used in messaging apps. This feature, which is also available in PUBG Mobile, shows the last time the players entered the game. How many minutes, hours or days before the game is seen by his friends. To see the last seen, it is enough to click on the friends section on the left. Here is the last seen of all friends.

There is no PUBG last seen shutdown. You cannot hide your last seen in the game. Although this feature is highly requested by some players, Tencent Games has no plans to add such a feature anytime soon. In short, you cannot hide your last seen, all your friends will see when you last entered the game.

If you don't want someone to see your last seen, you can unfriend them. When you unfriend them, they can't always look at your last seen. You can resort to such a solution as there is no last seen turn off feature.

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