How to Use PUBG Premium Crate Coupon?

How to Use PUBG Premium Crate Coupon? ; One of the pioneers of the Battle Royale game genre. PUBGWith its mobile version, it has become a popular game known all over the world and played by millions of people. Battle Pass or chests with random cosmetic items in the game are very popular and these products, which are frequently purchased by the players, make a great contribution to the economy of PUBG. Today we will examine together how to use PUBG premium crate coupon.

How to Use PUBG Premium Crate Coupon?

How to use Pubg Mobile Premium crate coupons? PUBG for players who have some scrap in their inventory. PUBG has different types of cases such as Premium cases, Classic cases, Supply cases, and Special cases. For each chest type there are coupons for that chest. Safes can be opened using coupons or using UC, PUBG in-game currency. Scraps are materials that are then used to earn coupons. PUBG players can find them inside by opening events or chests.

To redeem premium crate coupons, find leftovers in your inventory and combine them to make premium coupons. You will have a large “merge” button on your screen as you scroll through the notes. You will need a handful of scraps to make coupons. From there you can use the coupon to open a chest.

In order to use the Premium crate coupon, you can open the inventory section while in the lobby and see your Premium crate coupons next to the crates and similar products you own. When selected, you will be directed to the chests section by tapping the use option from the window that appears. Then you can use your Premium chest for free. With the special crate event that came for a while, the crate, in which different cosmetic options were presented to the players, was presented to the players.

Premium crates often unlock the best rewards. These rewards can be legendary items such as costumes, weapons, and outfits. As with the release of new seasons and challenges, you will find new rewards from premium crates. I wish you good luck in your quest to collect every skin and weapon in PUBG.

Given in certain situations in the game Premium crate coupon, can be given for free chest opening as well as cosmetic items in paid chest openings, also when you have a certain cosmetic product in the game or when you complete some of the achievements in the game, it can be obtained from the achievements section and automatically comes to your inventory when received.

PUBG Special chest Event

Special chests in PUBG can be opened for a fee, but the item that will be released is given to you randomly depending on luck. Premium crate coupon will not be available for a period of time. Premium crate coupon, which was temporarily closed for use with the arrival of the special crate event, will be reopened as of June 21. It is stated that it is disabled only during the event.


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