PUBG: New State Beta Apk Download

PUBG: New State Beta Apk Download  ; Pubg New State Beta Apk Download - Pubg New State Beta Apk Download Would you like to receive information about Then you are in the right place. Pubg New State is a new launch announced by Royal Game Krafton. After this announcement, Pubg players started looking for Pubg New State Apk Download and Pubg New State Apk Download We can see many websites that provide Is this safe? Pubg New State Apk Download Let's read this article in detail to know more about

PUBG: New State Beta Apk Download

Introducing Pubg New State Beta Apk

Although there are thousands of different things that can be done on the internet, for most people, playing games on their smartphones is the full use of the internet. It's fine to play until a limited time is played. However, nowadays some users, especially children, play games for such a long time. Most of the time, playing games doesn't help anyone. However, there are some games that you just can't get over. Battle royale games are especially in this category. Today everyone loves to play battle royale games and one of the famous games is Pubg New State Beta.

Although this game was released recently, the game became so popular that it almost broke the download record for a game. This game had a predecessor but was banned in some countries. But now this second version of the game is packed with even more intense new features. As this game is one of the best battle royale games ever made for smartphones, there are many new interesting features that we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Application Name : Pubg New State Beta Hacked Apk
Google Play Link com.KraftonInc
Type : Action, Battle Royale
Dimension : 1.8 Gb
Latest Version : 1.3
MOD Information: Wall Hack, No Recoil
Download : Google Play
Necessary Android 4.4 +

Pubg New State Beta Hacked Apk Gameplay

The gameplay of this newly released game is very similar to its predecessor. Therefore, it was seen that the big change was in the publishers of the game. So far pubg has been published by Tencent games, but after that, the game will be published by Krafton Inc studios. But it's pretty much the same, even though the publisher has changed its game.

That's why the developers decided to make the game more futuristic, so the game starts in the year and 2051 initially. All objects representing the old culture have been removed when the game launches next year. And new objects have been added to replace them. The developers claim that this game is one of the best battle royale games for smartphone users. New weapons have been added to the game. Also in the game, players will now see drones, futuristic cars, futuristic bikes, new red zone system.

The buildings are now transformed and shaped like a city structure. However, the style and feel were kept the same. However, with this new structure, the intensity of the game has been increased a lot. In one round of the game, there will be a maximum of one hundred players, which can be single players as well as teams. The main goal of the players is to be the last player standing. The chicken that survives to the end will get its meal. Players will be ranked according to their performance in the rounds. When you reach a high level, the rank is seriously affected. Also, players need to maintain a good KD rate to be respected among the pubg community. It is a player's kill fatality rate, which defines the number of deaths per win in the game so far.

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Pubg New State Beta Hacked Apk Graphics

The graphics of the game have been completely redesigned. Now the game supports UHD resolution mode for high-end smartphone devices. Frame rates are also said to have increased. Moreover, the character's movements have been optimized for more natural behavior. Also, the sound in the game is fully customized thus adding more clarity while playing the game.

Wall Hack

In the game, when you encounter other players, situations often arise where you don't know where your players are. With the help of this mod you can shoot, view and even kill your opponents beyond the walls.

No Kickback

You must have had recoil issues with different weapons while shooting. However, with this mod feature, players will not encounter recoil when shooting bullets.

What are the system requirements for PUBG New State APK?

PUBG Mobile If you have researched the subject of cheats, you will have seen that it is almost impossible and illegal to actually cheat in this game. In addition, this search is an invitation to viruses that can harm your phone. The best way to play PUBG Mobile the way you want is through PUBG New State. To use the latest version of PUBG New State APK 2021, you need an Android system over 4.3. So how many GB is New State? Having 3 GB of space on your system will be sufficient.


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Steps to Download and Install PUBG Mobile 2 Beta APK:

Click on download below in this article to download PUBG New State Beta Hacked APK.
You will be redirected to our telegram channel to download the APK from there from a given link
Then allow the download of unknown sources on your device to complete the installation process.
After everything is done, you will definitely enjoy the APK features.


PUBG: New State, which has not been released yet, is available to players during the pre-registration phase. different cosmetics It also offers different content. Some users are looking for ways to download PUBG: New State as apk.

In our article below, we have explained how to download PUBG: New State as apk.

PUBG New State Apk Free Download for Android


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