PUBG Mobile New Map: Santorini

PUBG Mobile New Map: Santorini ; New map doubles team size!

PUBG Mobile It adds fun to the entertainment with its updates coming every day. They increase our enthusiasm for the game with new costumes, new updates and events for special days. With the new update A new map has arrived in PUBG Mobile! What is the new map coming to PUBG Mobile? What are the new map features? You can find them all in our article.

PUBG Mobile New Map: Santorini Features What?

It was difficult to assemble a full squad of four players, but PUBG Mobile's new Arena map now lets you team up with up to seven players. Santorini Arena map, Newly added to the game featuring eight-vs-eight-team deathmatch battles.

Santorini; It is larger than other TDM maps in PUBG Mobile, so it can accommodate 16 players at a time. Long trails allow for some sniper positions, but the best weapon for this would be an assault rifle that excels at both close range and long range.

in Santorini matches last 10 minutes and the first team to reach 80 kills is the winner. If neither team reaches this kill point by the time limit, the team with more kills will be postponed as the winner.

Santorini, It is one of the most famous of the Greek Islands and is a popular tourist attraction. According to the logo featured in the announcement of the new map, Tencent appears to be collaborating with the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) to promote the Island in PUBG Mobile. GNTO is the government body that promotes tourism in the Southeast European country.

PUBG Mobile New Map: Santorini

When Will PUBG Mobile Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Coming?

PUBG Mobile is known for great collaborations, but this is the first time it has partnered with a government agency for an in-game feature. The game is also getting another big collaboration later this month as it ties in with the popular Manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. No details about this have been disclosed so far.



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