PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Before the Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends genre opened, there were only two popular games for battle royal fans to choose from. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG offered a sense of realism, while Fortnite played with a cartoon-like aesthetic. No matter where your affiliation is, every battle royal game applies the same general strategies. Loot, survive and escape the closing circle. PUBG implements much more complex mechanics than Warzone and Fortnite, with seven playable maps.

Tips to be the best at PUBG ;The PUBG tips and tricks guide below will assist you in your quest to be the last player standing.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Try to be aggressive to improve

Many players will instinctively play carefully, avoid conflicts, and sneak around (especially when learning the ropes), so if you want to get better at the game, you might be better off taking a more aggressive stance. As you drop from the air into larger cities and larger settlements, try to hunt down other players, and spend time driving around the island, you'll get killed more often - but you'll also learn a lot more.

A big part of PUBG is knowing things like when and where you are vulnerable, which weapons are the most challenging in which situation (you can compare their stats on the game's wiki), where you can expect to find vehicles or high-level weapons. and where players are most likely to congregate. The only way to get really good at the game is to experience it. Hiding in a few small, messy buildings might get you into the Top 10, but it doesn't teach you how to win when you arrive. While you may be a more cautious player by nature, it's worth killing yourself a few times to learn more about how other people play the game, rather than surviving a few uneventful matches without learning anything.

Think of death as your teacher in PUBG. You'll pass matches faster, but you'll get a better idea of ​​how to handle yourself in a fight and what to watch out for. In the end you will waste less time. PUBG doesn't offer post-death information like the killcam (but it's coming in a future update to the game at E3 2017, according to PlayerUnknown), so being hit by an unseen enemy doesn't teach you anything that makes you better. Instead, learn by doing. You'll appreciate the skills you've developed for the next matches as you become better equipped to take down and sneak around players.

Be sneaky when it matters but don't waste your time

In keeping with our previous point, even if you're not hunting players in cities, you're probably a little too concerned about privacy. Especially early in the game, sneaking around can actually have the opposite effect, slowing you down when you need to loot and progress as fast as you can to equip yourself as well as you can. Also, with players scattered all over the island, your chances of encountering any of them are slightly lower. You want to be aware of the enemies and not reveal too much information, sure, but getting geared up early is far more important than closing every door and crouching and running.

Try to keep in mind the equipment you find

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks
PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

There are builds all over PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but most of them tend to yield garbage gear, if any. Some places – warehouses, industrial structures, military bases, shops – tend to be better equipped, especially in nearby cities. Even better, unique locations like exploding government buildings also tend to be well equipped.

When you find something particularly cool, check the map and note nearby names and points of interest. Places that tend to have good items tend to see them spawn a little more often than random houses scattered all over the map. You'll want to concentrate on starting where you're most likely to get good gear quickly, and learning those locations is invaluable.

Do the same with cars. Make a note of where you find the newly appeared cars when you get into each one. In later games, when you're desperate to cover a lot of ground and don't want to roam the whole island, you'll be glad to get information.

Lower your foliage settings

While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds looks great at high settings – check out our gallery of 4K screenshots if you're not convinced – better graphics don't always mean you're a better player. In fact, this lush greenery sprawling around the island is actually a liability when your graphics pop up. The fuller, more realistic trees, bushes, and grass make it harder to spot someone hiding in them.

So turn your foliage settings low enough that they'll go to the sidelines that spot players trying to hide in the bushes. They'll still have some protection, but anyone who thinks they can lie unseen in a grassy field will have a rough awakening when your Kar98 bullet pierces their helmet.

Learn to choose good jumping places

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks
PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

In our Battlegrounds beginner's guide, we discussed how you can use the W key to get some distance from the cargo plane jump and open your parachute higher. Knowing where to jump is just as important as knowing how to jump – always have a plan for where to land and, based on what you've learned about where good gear spawns, make a backup plan to go with it. Check the map at the start of each match, find your preferred drop zone and go for it (and have another spot in mind if you prefer too many parachutes drops). This little preparation can help you start the game strong.

Your best results are usually to choose good locations as far as you can manage from the cargo plane's pathline. Jumping late in the plane's flight also has the advantage of distracting you from more players, but you'll have less time to loot than if you jump early. Once you have a good idea of ​​the places you like for loot and where the cars spawn, you can start choosing jump zones that have good loot and nearby vehicles at the start of the game. This means that if the playground doesn't support your drop zone, you can quickly cross the island and hopefully be well-equipped to punish those who come after you.

In any case, you'll almost always be better off planning your drops in better areas than choosing a small, random farmhouse layout in the middle of nowhere.

Red Zones is not a death sentence

The red circles on your map indicate the areas to be firebombed. They are very dangerous and force you to get out of the way quickly if you don't want to get blown up. However, getting through a red zone and even surviving is more than possible (although the probability of a face bomb is quite high), but a better strategy is to just go inside and wait for the bombing. Any structure will protect you from explosions and you can use the red zones as temporary protection or to lose other players if you're careful.

Use two-story buildings to take down other players

Falls might kill you, but most won't. In fact, you can jump from the second floor of a building and take zero damage; This is important information to have when trying to outsmart a player when making an escape or fighting indoors. (We actually fell from four-story buildings and survived, albeit with half health.) Use your ability to jump from high places to get behind other players, or jump from a balcony to get into a fight.

Open doors carefully

You don't have to stand directly in front of it to open a door – instead, stand sideways. This is just good practice. There's no reason to stop at a door when you can get to the side an inch. Even houses that you are sure no one has occupied may not have a sneaky person waiting for you inside. Going straight through the doors as soon as they open is just asking for a crate full of lead.

Additionally, when you find buildings, use the windows to check their interiors. Closed interior doors usually mean that a place is not controlled by another player (although not always). The condition of the doors can give you a quick indication and help you avoid exploding when entering a structure. Conversely, closing doors near windows can force cautious players to ambush.

Always pay attention to scopes and suppressors

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks
PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Most players use sniper rifles as their primary weapons, with assault rifles such as the AKM and M16A to take players out without exposing themselves to danger. Either way, and for most other weapons in the game, you'll need scopes. The iron sights on most weapons are a bit of a mess, and because PUBG is such a big game that it takes up so much space, you'll want any help you can get when aiming the distance.

Suppressors also change the rules of the game. When you fire a gun, everyone can hear you within a large radius. You have already experienced this by progressing in the game, hearing gunshots from afar. This ad tells people where to go or where not to go. Sound is an incredibly important part of finding and killing people in PUBG, and you want to take advantage of it as little as possible. Hence suppressors. Here is a list of what weapons to find them for.

Suppressors are rare because they shorten the distance your gun sounds from hundreds of meters to several dozen. It makes you much more difficult to find - this may be necessary during the endgame - and generally means that your activities do not affect other players.

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Do it before you find your weapons

Collecting weapons is important for self-defense, but in every PlayerUnknown's Battlefields game, you want to know what you're up to. Whether you want the tried-and-tested combination of assault rifles and snipers or are more comfortable with shotguns and SMGs, you're likely to find a lot of gear you need for your guns before you find them.

You already know that you shouldn't pick up every trash you come across while playing PUBG, but it's worth learning which items are worth carrying while you're looking for your ideal weapons. If you see binoculars you like (usually in the 4x or 8x variety), extended quick-draw magazines, and other add-ons you know your favorite guns are used in, install them later (PUBG Wiki has a handy list). Once you have the weapon you need, you may not find them again. You can always throw away unused items by dragging them to the left side of the inventory screen, but when you find the one you want, you'll be prepared to dress it up exactly how you want it.

Attachments may not seem like a big deal, but if they do, they can drastically change the performance of your weapons. The SCAR-L, for example, is kind of a pain in the ass to use when you first find it, but add the right attachments and suddenly it has become potentially the best, most effective assault rifle in PUBG, thanks to its shifting sights and controlling recoil. Having the right gear for your weapon can make you more effective, so experiment, find what you like, and learn to seek it out on your loot travels.

Use supply drops to take down other players and get awesome gear

This is an element that is easy to miss for new players to PUBG. Every time you hear the cargo plane flying over the island, it drops a supply crate filled with some of the game's best gear. The crate parachutes down and releases some red smoke to make it easier to find later. If you can find the chest, you can find things like the tommy gun, medkits, suppressors, and ghillie suit, among other useful random items.

The thing is, the crates will attract a large number of players each time they drop. Well-equipped players can easily find themselves in a position to kill a few people, while well-equipped players are likely to fall into a death trap. Supply chests are tough places to play in general, but looking for them and seeing how players are handling them is good for potential learning experiences. You'll see how some players leave the chest, what kinds of fights can take place there, and what you can do to try and beat the best loot in the game.

Don't shoot if you're not sure you'll kill.

This is probably the most important thing you can learn while playing PUBG. It's always tempting to shoot at a defenseless, unaware target. You're going to spend so much time in PUBG not seeing other people that it's hard to ignore the chance to finally get someone to steal your cigarettes and gear.

But fight that urge – even if you play aggressively, the key to survival is common sense.

If you're about to interact with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen you, consider all the factors involved. What's your distance? Are you hiding? Do you have protection? Do you suspect someone else is around? Firing his gun was an extremely loud “Come kill me!” broadcast. And that says nothing about the poor idiot you wanted to shoot.

Weapons are deadly and a wounded enemy is still extremely dangerous in PUBG. You only want to shoot someone if you're sure you're going to download it. If they slide away or take cover, they become hidden death traps. If they buy you a bead and you lose them, you'll have to worry about escaping yourself all of a sudden before it makes too much noise to get you out.

Save your strength for advantageous situations such as ambushing in tight interiors (preferably when enemies pass through doors) or long-range snipers from stealth positions. If you're going to pull the trigger, make sure it's worth the try.


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