How to Adjust PUBG Mobile Tab Setting?

PUBG Mobile non-bounce setting, allows to hit the opponent better. Especially when it bounces off fire from a distance, the opponent can easily escape. For this reason, correct settings must be made so that the shot does not bounce. Players who do not make adjustments or prefer the wrong setting cannot find the hit due to bouncing shots.

If you want every shot you shoot to go to the target, you need to be a good marksman. Of course, shooting skills alone are not enough. It greatly affects whether the target is hit or not. In this article PUBG Mobile not tabbing We will share the settings with you.

How to Adjust PUBG Mobile Tab Setting?

PUBG Mobile Although you aim very well while playing, some shots may not touch the enemy. The reason for this is the bounce of the shot. As soon as the shot bounces off, it will go slightly above your aiming point. All players want their shots not to bounce.

PUBG Mobile no tab setting made in the sensitivity settings. When you come to the Shooting Animation Sensitivity section in the Sensitivity settings, you will see the changes you have made for not tabling. Although these settings vary from person to person, it works for many users when kept in a certain order. The no-tab setting is done as follows:

  • 3rd Person No Binoculars: 20%
  • 1rd Person No Binoculars: 20%
  • Laser & Holographic Sight, Sight Aids: 20%
  • 2x Binoculars: 15%
  • 3x Binoculars: 10%
  • 4x Binoculars: 8%
  • 6x Binoculars: 5%
  • 8x Binoculars: 3%

You can make the adjustments as above. Adjusting the settings according to your experience during the game allows you to reach the most healthy result.