When will Pubg Mobile Premium Crate arrive?

PUBG Mobile When will the Premium Chest arrive? Premium chests were removed in PUBG, one of the most played games in the world. Special boxes replaced the removed boxes. For this reason, players are investigating whether they can use Premium chests again. When will the PUBG premium chest arrive for gamers who learn that new events will be released in the coming days? searching for answers in search engines. So, when will the PUBG premium crate arrive in March 2021? Here are the details…

When will PUBG premium crate arrive?
When will PUBG premium crate arrive?

Pubg When will the Mobile Premium Crate arrive?

Although there is no official statement about when PUBG Mobile Premium crates will arrive, there is some information leaked from the inside. Based on this information, the rumors circulating on the forums are as follows:

Idea 1 –  Premium crate will be available when PubG restarts in India.

This won't happen soon. According to some sources PubG will restart in the third month of 2021, but I doubt it. It will take a lot of time to build the infrastructure to run the game, which will run entirely in India.

The Government of India needs to be completely sure about this, so whenever PubG is available there will be premium crates as well.

2.Idea – June 21

“Premium Chests in the shop are now being replaced by Special Chests. However, Premium Crates will be available again from June 21. “Players should stop worrying about the same issue because they will be able to redeem coupons very soon.

3.Idea – Premium cases in PUBG will be available soon along with some new materials and this is the date I think is from the 21st of the month but it's not the official date I've heard from anyone yet, so the date may change.

Until then, keep collecting crate scraps.

As you can see, there are many different comments and predictions about this subject. According to our research, the date of June 21 comes to the fore. You can find out the official arrival date of PUBG mobile premium Chests by following our site. Also, if you want to discover different things while waiting for premium chests, you can visit our site. PUBG There are many different APKs and tactics about it, we recommend you to take a look at them.


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