What is PUBG Mobile Panzerfaust? - What are the Panzerfaust Features?

What is PUBG Mobile Panzerfaust? - What are the Panzerfaust Features? How to use Panzerfaust? ;We reviewed the rocket launcher Panzerfaust in PUBG Mobile.

What is Panzerfaust?

PUBG Mobile Panzerfaust karakinIt's a rocket launcher with a primary weapon slot that limits your options in the various terrains of .

PUBG Mobile How to use Panzerfaust?

in Panzerfaust The bullet moves pretty fast, but can be dodged by careful players. of Panzerfaust There is also a blowback area behind it, so you need to watch out for your teammates before you start firing it. Another point to note; panzerfaust it is disposable.

What are the Panzerfaust Features?

  • It is exclusive to Karakin.
  • It is found in very few areas on the map.
  • It is definitely included in every Aid Package.
  • Rockets explode on impact, but can also explode while flying through the air.
  • Damage radius is 6 m from the point of impact.
  • The explosion can cause environmental damage through thin walls and objects up to a short distance.
  • It can be used to knock down certain walls in Karakin, such as the Sticky Bomb.
  • If hit by rockets, explosions or a projectile, they explode in mid-air before impact.
  • It is disposable.
  • After the Anti-Tank (Panzerfaust) is fired, the Anti-Tank tube is thrown and cannot be retrieved.
  • Firing the anti-tank creates an explosion area behind it, so you have to be careful!
  • The explosion area created by firing the anti-tank inflicts damage to those within 3 meters behind the gun.
  • There are reset options at 60, 100 (default), and 150 meters.


PUBG Mobile's smallest map released to date, Karakin, 1.3 Crazy Rhythms Update was announced to the players. However, this map, which was highly appreciated by PUBG Mobile players, was not added to the game and turned into a situation that many players were eagerly waiting for.

What is PUBG Mobile Karakin Map?

Karakin is a North African Desert map with rocks and sand in an open environment with arid vegetation. A very small map in size, Karakin has an area of ​​only 2×2. But don't be fooled by its small size, because it is a map as tense as Miramar and Erangel and as fast as Sanhok, and the pace never drops. Played in classic mode, this map only supports 64-player games due to its size.

PUBG Mobile Panzerfaust

It is not possible to come across many buildings and structures on the Karakin map. On this map with very few buildings, Air-drops often fall at the extreme points of the map, allowing players to navigate the map. To Leakage Tunnels hosts. May damage walls and buildings Sticky Bombs On the Karakin map, where it is located, there is also a more dangerous place than the Red Zone. Destruction Zone mechanics exist. The Zone of Destruction is a mechanic to prevent players from hiding in buildings on the Karakin map. It takes place in the purple area of ​​the minimap in real time, forcing players to move towards the safe zone. While this ensures that players who are waiting in ambush are exposed, it prevents players in hand-to-hand combat from dying annoyingly to some extent.

When Will PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Coming?

Yes, you don't see a mirage! Karakin map is coming back to PUBG Mobile. The Karakin map, heralded in the 1.3 Crazy Rhythms update, will take its place on the servers on April 7 and will host spectacular clashes.