How to Update PUBG Mobile? | how to update pubg

How to Update PUBG Mobile? | how to update pubg Pubg PC Update , How to update Pubg 2021 , How to UPDATE Pubg  ; The most popular game among mobile games PUBG Mobile it continues to increase its audience day by day. The game is updated automatically in some, but not in others. When not automatically updated How to update PUBG Mobile We will show you it in this article.

How to Update PUBG Mobile?

first on the phone For those who want to update, we tell you how to update.

  • Enter the app download store (Google Play Store or App Store)
  • My Apps come to the section
  • On the screen that appears Update click on the text
  • If such a screen does not appear here, type and enter PUBG Mobile directly in the search field of the download store, then remove and update texts will appear on the screen that appears, click on the update text.

PUBG Mobile from computer Players may have trouble updating. Below, we have explained how those who play on the computer can update it.

  • Enter Tencent Gaming
  • If it doesn't update automatically, click the 3rd mark from the top right
  • Click update and wait for it to update

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or as it is known PUBGis a multiplayer video game published and in development by Bluehole. In the game, close to 100 (maximum 100) players start the game in an airplane with a designated route. They jump out of the plane whenever they want and land with their parachutes to any location on the island. The main goal of the players is to kill other players with various weapons they find from various places and to be the last player without dying. During the game, the safe area on the map of the island starts to get smaller and smaller. The smaller the map, the smaller the players concentrate and the easier it is for them to spot and eliminate each other. The last surviving player/team in the game wins the game.