PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles – PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles

PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles; PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle, which is the assault rifle pubg, pubg assault rifle; We have listed the best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile.

What is PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle?

Assault or, in other words, assault rifles; It has medium-high ammo capacity. It can shoot at medium range and has a high rate of fire that can only be surpassed by SMGs. Assault rifles in the game are the center of all weapons.

What are PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles?

PUBG We can list the assault rifles in Mobile as follows:

  1. M416
  2. AUG 43
  3. Beryl
  4. G36C
  5. M16A4
  6. AKM
  7. SCAR-L
  8. Mutant
  9. QBZ95
  10. Groza

PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles 2021

Among the weapons we have listed, the best ones are as follows (but these weapons may vary depending on the situation):

  • Groza
  • AKM
  • M416


  • Groza is known as the best assault rifle available in PUBG Mobile. Although it has a high shooting power, shots made from long distances may not be accurate at times.
PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle


  • Another most preferred weapon in PUBG Mobile is the AKM. Just like the Groza, it uses 7.62 ammunition and has a range of 60. It can inflict serious damage to enemies, but it can still be a difficult weapon to use.

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle


  • Another most used weapon in PUBG Mobile, the M416 has five connection slots. Stable in mid-range battles. It uses 5.56mm rounds, deals 41 damage and has a total range of 56.
PUBG Mobile Assault Rifle
pubg assault rifle