PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes; PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary, 3rd anniversary events Celebrating with PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes These are the codes that allow you to earn rewards from this event. Players are looking for codes everywhere so they don't miss out on anniversary gifts.

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary events are only available in Turkey, America and Russia. The event, which was launched specifically for these three countries, impresses with the awards given. In this article, we will share with you the 3rd anniversary codes that everyone is looking for.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Event

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes List

PUBG Mobile creates events every year to celebrate its new age with enthusiasm. In the 3rd Year events it organized this year, various awards are given by performing tasks and using codes.

that you can use to get rewards PUBG Mobile Anniversary codes is as follows:

  • PUBGM 3rd Anniversary
  • 3éme anniversaire PUBGM
  • 3-я годовщина PUBGM
  • PUBGM 3rd Jahrestag
  • PUBGM 3rd Anniversary

announced so far PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes as above. Only five codes are explained. If new codes are announced in the future, we will include them in the list.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes
PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Codes

PUBG Mobile 3rd Year Event Awards

To redeem codes, you need to go to the event page from the lobby. You can get the rewards by entering the above codes in the code space on the page. Here are the prizes you can earn at the event:

  • 12 256 GB iPhone
  • AirPods 2
  • pink headphones
  • Permanent costume set
  • Ammunition safe coupon piece
  • Classic vault coupon piece
  • Trill Ride BP case

You can also get the above-mentioned rewards by using the codes before the event ends.

First of all, let's learn the rules for the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary event;

  1. Codes will be valid during the event.
  2. Complete daily missions to get records. Follow their social media accounts to gain more registrations with registration codes.
  3. Various rewards can be obtained using saves, including iPhone 12 (256GB), AirPods 2 and many in-game rewards.
  4. Prizes are only valid for EU, Turkey and Russia.
  5. Players who have won a physical prize are asked to enter their contact information so that they can be contacted and the prize sent to them. Personal information is only used for physical prize delivery and is not stored.

What are PUBG Mobile 3rd Year Event Awards?

Players who enter Royale Pass Season 18, one of the most preferred mobile games, will be able to choose two ranked rewards to unlock in-game missions. With the update, various collections include exclusive AUG and Kar98K skins, violin and stereo.

PUBG MOBILE In the statement made by the company, it was reported that in addition to the last missions, there is also a new adventure event. At the beginning of the event, a character playing the violin appears next to the four women. When the music starts, players can collect Adventure Coupons, which can be exchanged for various free ranked rewards. Specially to celebrate the game's upcoming third anniversary on March 21, world-renowned superstar DJs Alesso, Lost Frequencyencies and one more DJ will be releasing new singles on PUBG MOBILE and presenting a special in-game live performance on March 21. If this is Sunday, players will be able to witness the event by joining the fun. Performances set at 11.00:13.00 UTC and XNUMX:XNUMX in the game will also be broadcast live on Youtube.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Year Events and Awards PUBG Mobile celebrates its 3rd anniversary with its new 3rd anniversary events. Special prizes will be waiting for the players at the event. The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile has become a global phenomenon with its launch on March 19, 2018, making it one of the top-grossing mobile games worldwide. PUBG Mobile, which received the 1.3 patch update a few days ago, is almost in its third year. The game's 3rd Anniversary celebrations will take place on March 21, and Tencet Games is bringing a major update to the game to make the anniversary celebrations noteworthy. Including the players in the 3rd Anniversary celebrations, the developer company is preparing to distribute gifts to the players by organizing various events so that the players will both make good use of the time they spend in the game and win many permanent special gifts.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Year Events and Awards In the list below, you can view the various rewards you will earn on the days you log in to the game; Day 1 Login Reward – Thrill Ride BP Case Day 2 Login Reward – Ammo Case Coupon Piece Day 3 Login Reward – 20 AG Day 4 Login Reward – Classic Case Coupon Piece Day 5 Login Reward – 30 AG Day 6 Login Award - Classic Coupon Box Day 7 Login Reward - Red Menace Appearance In addition, in line with the event called "3 Years Together", a special title will be given to players who complete the tasks set between March 18 - 25, but details about the subject have not been shared yet.

During the event, you will have a chance to win a Pink headset skin and a Pink set, as you can see in the image below. Rewards are also waiting for players when they reach a certain amount when they spin to earn rewards, you can see them below; 100 Times – Off-road Buggy (10 days) 250 Times – Pink Headphones 500 Times – Battle for Glory 1000 Times – Reaper – M4161 600 Times – Pink Set Although there is no official statement about the awards yet, it is important that many awards will be distributed to the players based on the leaks. information is included.