PUBG General Settings Guide for Beginners!

Produced by Bluehole Pubg Player Unknown's Battlegrounds refers to the abbreviation of the game in its name. Mobile PubgI would like to give detailed information before moving on to Pubg lite damages and briefly information. PUBG General Settings Guide for Beginners! how to play the game like and pubg settings guide You can find all the details in our article.

In this article, PUBG Mobile General Settings,PUBG Mobile Phone Finger Settings,What is PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Adjustment, PUBG Binoculars Adjustment, How to Do? ,Camera sensitivity settings for Pubg Phone,PUBG Mobile Display Settings FPS Increase, How to Play PUBG Mobile Better?, How to PLAY PUBG Mobile You can find computer topics.


The main purpose in Pubg game is to kill other players in the game with the weapons they have at the point where they start the game in the map and to try to be the last player to survive before he dies. In this process, the map is slowly getting smaller, so all pubg players meet at common points and the probability of excluding each other from the game increases. The game, which debuted in March 2017 and expanded over time, offers many different game options to its players.

PUBG General Settings Guide for Beginners!
PUBG General Settings Guide for Beginners!

Mobile Pubg The game is played with single player, 2 player or 4 player teams. Players can fight in teams of 4 or alone against teams of 4 players. 

PUBG MobileTeams do not disperse until all players in the teams in . At the beginning of the game, the maps start on an 8X 8 square kilometer map and are narrowed in time. Players are looking for loots of equipment such as helmets, armor, weapons, bags and so on on the maps they start.

The equipment in question has 3 different levels. Pubg players can find binoculars, magazines and similar developments in order to use them in the weapons they use. After the start of the Pubg game, the average duration of the game takes more than 30 minutes.

One of the important points about PUBG is that it is in constant updates. In this way, you can play the game comfortably on mobile devices as well as computers. Those who want to download Pubg mobile can download it from below on google play or apple store for phones with android or iphone ios operating systems;



PUBG Mobile General Settings

engagement aid; It refers to the setting that should be turned on if PUBG Mobile players play the game from the phone, while players playing the game from the computer do not need to use these settings.

Rear View & Fever Setting; Pubg is a feature that players should definitely use, whether they are playing on the phone or on the computer. The feature allows players to fight by leaning to the right or left without having to show a part of their body.

Lean Mode; It can be used in the Tap option and needs to be tapped again to turn the setting off. If it is held pressed, it turns off if the person pulls their finger. At this point, the pubg player must keep his finger pressed as long as he shoots. Briefly, other pubg general settings are as follows;

  • Bend down and Open Binoculars; Pubg this general setting allows the player to open binoculars directly by leaning to the right or left.
  • Binoculars Mode; Indicates one of the settings used by touching.
  • Show Fire Button Left; Pub player has an extra button and is usually located in the upper left corner.
  • Auto Open Doors; Generally, it is preferred openly when playing pubg from the phone.
  • Use Emoji; The option that does not have any effect on Pubg game performance is generally preferred off.
  • Jump / Climb; It is generally preferred with the combining option.
  • Slip; It is generally used while active in Pubg.
  • 1st Person Shooter Perspective; It is preferred to see a wider area.

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What is PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Adjustment, How to Do?

From time to time, sensitivity adjustment is required in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile sensitivity adjustment is usually made to play the game more comfortably in the game. However, the sensitivity settings made are different for the computer and phone. For this reason, the sensitivity adjustments to be made on the devices differ from each other.

PUBG Mobile Computer Sensitivity Setting; These settings, which will be performed in PUBG Mobile, constitute the settings that the players who are playing the game from the computer should adjust. These settings are generally 3. Camera sensitivity settings for Pubg PC There are settings that are made while the person is playing.

Camera sensitivity settings for Pubg PC;

  • 3rd Person Binoculars; 20%
  • Laser & holographic Sight, Sight Aids; 20%
  • 3x Binoculars; 10%
  • 6x; 5%
  • 1st Person No Binoculars; 20%
  • 2x Binoculars; 15%
  • 4x ACOG Binoculars, VSS Vintorez; 8%
  • 8x Binoculars; 3%

for pc Firing Animation Sensitivity;

  • 3st Person No Binoculars; 20%
  • Laser & holographic Sight, Sight Aids; 20%
  • 3x Binoculars; 10%
  • 6x; 5%
  • 1st Person No Binoculars; 20%
  • 2x Binoculars; 15%
  • 4x ACOG Binoculars, VSS Vintorez; 8%
  • 8x Binoculars; 3%

PUBG Mobile Phone Sensitivity Adjustment; Phone sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile need to be adjusted more precisely than computers.

Camera sensitivity settings for Pubg Phone;

  • 3rd Person Binoculars; 75%
  • Laser & holographic Sight, Sight Aids; 55%
  • 3x Binoculars; 24%
  • 6x; 15%
  • 1st Person No Binoculars; 60%
  • 2x Binoculars; 55%
  • 4x ACOG Binoculars, VSS Vintorez; 15%
  • 8x Binoculars; 8%

Pubg Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings It refers to the sensitivity setting required when the game is played with a gyroscope. Here are the best pubg gyroscope sensitivity settings;

  • 3st Person No Binoculars; 190%
  • Laser & holographic Sight, Sight Aids; 290%
  • 3x Binoculars; 210%
  • 6x; 35%
  • 1st Person No Binoculars; 190%
  • 2x Binoculars; 210%
  • 4x ACOG Binoculars, VSS Vintorez; 60%
  • 8x Binoculars; 35%

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PUBG Mobile Display Settings FPS Boost

Pubg mobile display settings and FPS increase, making a dose of concessions from the display settings of the players, allows the game to be played more fluently;

  • Graphics; With making it fluent, pubg becomes more fluent in the game.
  • Frame Rate; It must be at an extreme level in order to have no FPS restriction.
  • Smoothing; must be set to off.
  • Style; It should be set in color in order to see the opponents comfortably.
  • Brightness; must be set to the highest level.  
  • Non-Standard Screens; Pubg is automatically detected in the game.
  • Auto-adjust graphics; must remain closed.

PUBG Mobile Phone Finger Settings

Although the finger settings to be determined in Pubg mobile vary according to the player, generally 2 fingers are preferred when the game is started for the first time, and then it can be adjusted as 3 or 4 fingers. 

2 Finger Phone Settings; While playing pubg with 2 finger phone setting, the player must leave a space at the bottom right. Thus, the aiming area through the player's right thumb expands. The player can perform much better when playing the game with the gyroscope.  

3 Finger Phone Settings; In case of playing the game via, the bottom right side must be left completely blank. The player has to shoot from the left with his left index finger. Although this setting is more difficult than the 2-finger setting, the player's shooting performance in the game can increase significantly.

4 Finger Phone Settings; Players who play with 4 finger settings are players who are specialized in pubg. These players in Pubg can react very quickly and respond to the moves of their opponents.

  • 4 Finger Easy; While aiming, it can fire from the upper right part of the key and fire from the lower right or upper left.
  • 4 Fingers Difficult; Pubg players using the gyroscope can use the fire button from the bottom right or if the player is not using it, they can adjust the aiming settings by removing it.


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