Pubg F Key Not Working Solution

Pubg F Key Not Working ;Pubg Mobile f key not working ,Loot Problem after the last update For the exact solution;

After the update before the new season of Pubg Mobile, the settings of the emulator players have been corrupted. You don't need to completely delete the game and reinstall it. Many emulator users complain about their settings being corrupted and various problems. PUBG Mobile Unfortunately, this problem is also experienced in the official emulator Gameloop.

Why PUBG Mobile F Key Doesn't Work?

When you come to the place where you set the positions and sizes of the keys in the game, open the keyboard combinations. When you switch to the keyboard part, you will see that there is nothing under the "quit" key or the "loot" key, while there is any key on the keyboard under the other keys.

If the PUBG Mobile F key is not working, it means that the F key is not assigned to any key in the game. The problem is exactly that. When you edit the keys, the problem will disappear. Your key won't work unless you edit.

PUBG Mobile Emulator F Key Not Looting Issue

If you watch the other articles we have published and the videos we share and are still having trouble, you can try this method.

If you don't have a problem with your vehicle boarding, just If you are having trouble looting You can solve the problem by following the steps below in order;


  • First thing to do is play Settings from the part Follow-up Let's access the section,
  • Whichever settings you are using, customize We press the text and from this pop-up screen reset say and Save we say.
  • We will then take the game in windowed mode and reset the Gameloop settings. In this on the right keyboard key press down reset say and we are recording.

So far, you don't have any difficulties. When you go to the arena and test the settings after these settings, you will notice that there is no problem in getting on and off the vehicle, but you have trouble while looting.

Pubg Mobile Doesn't Loot With the F Key To solve the problem, you need to apply the following methods;

  • Put Gameloop in window mode and click on the bottom right. to the keyboard icon Press and open the key configuration screen.
  • Simultaneously, in-game Settings>Controls and then below the setting you use Customize Press the key.

The stars you see here F key immediately to the lower right diagonal We need to add the key, just click the bottom cross with the mouse and assign a new key. 2 times F key Press. gradually under ve H you can place the key. When the process is finished, it will look like this:

You can get on the vehicle after these settings, and don't forget to bring the "Exit" button on the right under the F key so that you can get off.

As you see F We assigned the button, it came right under with drive. G and H We sorted the letters and said save.

The next action you will take from here is again in the right menu of Gameloop. with a door sign log out and then Turning off the emulator and restarting it and logging into the game. After these steps, you will see that getting on and off the vehicle, as well as the loot process, are done without any problems.

In addition, watching the following video will work for those who have Loot problems with the F key;

If all this does not happen, uninstall PUBG completely from your computer and reinstall it.