PUBG 11.2 Update Is Now Available On Consoles

PUBG 11.2 Update Is Now Available On Consoles ; PUBG, on consoles Update 11.2, bringing various additions to the game, including map refreshes, quality of life features, and more.

Battle Royale PUBG has announced that the new 11.2 Update is now released on consoles. The update brings a host of changes, new features and a brand new survival pass to PUBG.

PUBG 11.2 Update last week on pc PUBGand the game receives updates quite frequently. In fact, the 11.1 update was released about three weeks ago, so things are changing pretty quickly in the shooter. Update 11.2 is slightly larger than 11.1, so console players will have plenty of new content to look at and explore as it's also coming to patch systems.

One of the biggest additions is the new Survivor Pass: Pajama party. The pass will run from May 6 to June 17, and there is a wide variety of cosmetics players can unlock by completing matches and challenges.

Another big change PUBG's original Erangel map update. The changes center around the map's bridges to and from the military base, new ways to access it, and changes to the hatch spanning the length of the bridge. The update will also remove graffiti from PUBG's 4th anniversary Graffiti Challenge event.

update It also brings some tweaks to the game's new reputation system, a visual overhaul for the Flash Hider attachment on the SLR weapon, and various UI improvements. It also introduces a change that replaces the ability for players to do a quick pick/drop, instead the ability to now pick/drop half. There are finer sensitivity adjustments for various sights as well as sight brightness.

Finally, the update will also allow players to switch seats or exit a vehicle while firing without removing them from their aiming range. update also to PUBG, which allows players to respawn and PUBG Mobile It brings a test mode similar to the crazier mods they've seen in .

In conclusion, 11.2 Update on consoles PUBGIt brings a lot of new content to . Frequent updates are why the game maintains such a large player base, which has even seen PUBG at the top of the best-selling charts lately.