Poco Brawl Stars Features Costumes

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In this writing Poco Brawl Stars Features Costumes We'll look into, Poco fires sound waves that damage enemies. His signature ability can heal both Poco and allies.4000 cheerful musician We will provide information about Poco Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Poco Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Poco Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Brawl Stars Poco character

Poco Brawl Stars Features Costumes

Poco, attacking with a wave of musical notes, piercing through enemies with its incredibly wide spread and range Nadir is the character. Her health is medium-high, but her damage output is low, but she can give tremendous benefit with her healing. Her Super fires a larger wave of music, healing herself and all allies within range.

accessory, Tuning CihazI, allows him and nearby allies to heal slightly for a substantial period of time.

First Star Power From the beginning!, Allows Poco to strike with his attack to slightly heal allies.

Second Star Power Treble Solo Causes his Super to deal damage to enemies.

Attack: Deadly Note ;

Poco plays his guitar, sending out bone-shaking sound waves. Enemies hit by waves take damage.
Poco emits a wave that takes the appearance of musical notes. The attack's range is medium range, but spreads widely while traveling, allowing Poco to cover a very large area in front of him and deal moderate damage to enemies caught in that area. It also allows it to pierce and hit multiple enemies. However, it cannot attack through walls.

Super: Again ;

With his uplifting melody, Poco heals himself and any friends he can reach. Does not affect enemies.
When his Super is cast, he launches a musical wave that will heal himself and allies hit by the wave. The wave has the same shape as its normal attack, but much wider and longer. It can run through enemies, allies, and all sorts of obstacles. Poco's Super team looks green regardless of their team.

Brawl Stars Poco Costumes

Poco has 3 skins, two of which can be purchased with diamonds and one with the Brawl Pass. One of the costumes that can be purchased with diamonds has an average price, while the other costume has a price that can be called expensive. You can see the Poco costumes and prices in the list below.

  • Pirate Poco (80 diamonds)
  • Serenade Poco (150 diamonds)
  • Poco Starr (Brawl Pass)
Poco Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Poco Brawl Stars Costumes

Poco Features

Poco's basic attack sends out damaging sound waves at long range and in a cone-shaped area. His superpower restores the health of allies in a cone-shaped area at a very long range. His Accessory Tuner heals Poco and nearby allies for 5 points for 400 seconds.

You can see the 7 basic features of Poco that all other characters have in the list below.

  • Level 1 Health/10. Level Health: 4000/5600
  • Level 1 Damage/10. Level Damage: 700/980
  • Attack Range/Super Range: 7/9,33
  • Movement Speed: 720
  • Reload Time: 1,6 seconds
  • Super Charge Per Hit: 21,35%
  • Level 1 Super Power improvement/10. Level Superpower Healing: 2100/2940
Level Health
1 4000
2 4200
3 4400
4 4600
5 4800
6 5000
7 5200
8 5400
9 – 10 5600

Poco Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : From the beginning! ;

Poco's attack now heals for 700 health when it hits allies.
This allows Poco to damage the enemy player while also healing the ally player for 700 health with his basic attack. However, Poco cannot heal himself with this ability. The amount Poco heals is not affected by Power Cubes.

warrior's 2. star power : Treble Solo ;

Poco's Super now also hits enemies, dealing 800 damage.
In addition to healing allies, Poco's Super will deal 800 damage to an enemy player within range. Note, however, that if you auto-target your Super, it will still target allies rather than enemies.

Poco Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Tuner ;

Poco and all nearby allies heal for 5.0 health per second for 400 seconds.
Allies standing within 3,33 squares of Poco will receive 400 health per second even when they leave this radius. If all 5 seconds last, Poco and his allies can heal for a total of 2000 health.

poco brawl stars picture
poco brawl stars picture

Poco Tips

  • Poco has more firepower due to his ability to heal them using his Super and his first Star Power great at supporting other team players.
  • The wide spread of his attack allows him to hit many targets at once and control large bushes.
  • Poco's Da Capo'while using the presentation! Try lining up your shots so that star power, allies heal, and enemies take damage at the same time. This is the best way to get the most value from star power and will give your team the opportunity to survive longer while weakening enemy players.
  • Don't forget to shoot Poco's Super at your teammates to heal them, or when you can use Super as an attacker Treble Solo If you don't have a , you spend your Super just to heal yourself.
  • Remember, Poco's His attack has a wide spread, but doesn't deal much damage. This means that he is not very useful as a frontline attacker, but rather an effective support means it is. Spread also hits multiple enemies at once, allowing him to quickly recharge his Super.
  • Poco's attacks can be released in quick succession, allowing him to attack an enemy multiple times to quickly recharge his Super before retreating to recharge.
  • Poco's healing ability, Pam'In Super takes time, while Poco's healing ability is faster. Because Pam's Super takes time, she's more useful than Pam's in tough situations where you or your teammates have almost no health left. this her War Ballin and Bounty HuntNda PamIt makes it much more useful than .
  • Because Poco can keep regenerating their health while protecting them from stronger players The cousin ve Pink Great with high-health players like
  • Due to the lack of teammates One Reckoning playing Treble Solo It is recommended that you use This Star Power is particularly effective if Poco has both low health and Supercharged when standing with multiple enemies nearby.

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