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In this writing Penny Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine 3200 soulful Pennytosses bags of coins, damaging the target and anyone standing behind. It attracts the attention of many players with its ability to damage the target it attacks and those behind it. Penny We will provide information about Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Penny Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Penny Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

penny, has medium health and a long-range attack that deals splash damage when hitting a target Extremely Rare Characteris Her Super uses a medium-health mortar that fires high-damage cannonballs.

The first accessory;Remote Detonator blows up his cannon, dealing damage to enemies caught in the explosion.

Second accessory, Captain's Compassıcalls for a cannonball attack on its location.

First Star Power Last Detonator (Last Blast) allows his cannon to fire cannonballs targeting a wide range of enemies after being destroyed, dealing high damage to enemies hit.

Second Star Power Fireballs (Balls of Fire) allows cannonballs to briefly set the ground on fire, dealing moderate damage to enemies remaining in the burning area.

Being a super rare character, players who want to get Penny, which has a relatively high probability of appearing, all they have to do is open a box.

Attack: Gold Bullet  ;
Penny's main attack throws a medium-sized gold sac from her mistake.

If it hits, it will spray three stacks of gold coins behind the target in addition to a cone-shaped area traveling for 4 squares, piercing opponents and dealing the same damage as the scavenger for each stack of gold. It can deal massive damage to enemies that are too close to each other.

Super: Old Artillery ;

When Super cast, Penny drops a ball with high damage and health.

This turret can be thrown anywhere at a short distance from Penny. The Turret is stationary and fires cannonballs that deal area damage at enemies, even if they are behind walls. However, it has a fairly slow rate of fire, and cannonballs also have a relatively slow cruising rate and are easy to dodge.

Brawl Stars Penny Costumes

Penny has 3 skins, two of which can be purchased with diamonds and one with star points. Her first costume, Elf Penny, was added to the game on December 20, 2018, and her second costume, Penny the Rabbit, was released 4 months later, on April 19, 2019. You can see all the costumes and their prices in the list below, along with the last costume released on May 13, 2020 under the name Black Rabbit Penny.

  1. Elf Penny (80 diamonds)
  2. Rabbit Penny (80 diamonds)
  3. Black Rabbit Penny (10000 star points)

Penny Features

Penny can attack both single targets and multiple targets with her basic attacks. His basic attack throws a medium gold sack. When the pouch hits the opponent, it disperses into the 4 square area behind it in a cone shape and deals damage.

Builds a turret with super strength ball throwing. The ball can damage opponents even if they are behind walls. However, it fires slowly and is easy to dodge.

Like all Brawl Stars characters, Penny has 7 key features;

  • Level 1 Health/10. Level Health: 3200/4480
  • Level 1 Damage/10. Level Damage: 900/1260
  • Movement Speed: 720
  • Reload Rate: 2 seconds
  • Attack Range: 9
  • Super Attack Range: 13,33 (Attack range of this cannon. The range where it can deploy the cannon is 5.)
  • Super Charge Per Hit: 20,9%/30% (First is basic attack, second is super attack value. Super attack value is based on ball hits.)
  • Level Level
    1 3200
    2 3360
    3 3520
    4 3680
    5 3840
    6 4000
    7 4160
    8 4320
    9 – 10 4480

Penny Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Last Detonator ;

When Penny's Cannon is destroyed, it fires a final barrage of 1680 bombs targeting nearby enemies, each dealing 4 damage.
When the cannon is destroyed or replaced with another, it fires 4 cannonballs, each dealing 1680 damage to the closest enemy destroying the cannon, as well as to enemies in range.

warrior's 2. star power : Fireballs ;

Cannonballs from Penny's turret set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies in the burning area take 400 damage per second!
When Penny's cannonballs hit an enemy, they cause a burn that acts just like Barley's for 3 seconds but lasts two seconds longer. If the enemy is in the burning area, they take 400 damage per second for a total of 1200 damage.

Penny Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Remote Detonator ;

Penny pops her ball! The explosion destroys walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.

warrior's 2. accessory : Captain's Compass ;

Penny calls for an artillery strike from her Gun to her current position.
Once activated, Penny's ball launches a barrage of 5 cannonballs at her location.

Penny Tips

  1. When an opponent is positioned behind another high health opponent, the bounce effect of Penny's main attack can hit both. This, Mr. PPorters of or Nita'This makes it very effective against any player using their Supers, such as Big Baby Bear, as a kind of shield.
  2. To maximize the life of the ball tower, one of the most suitable settlements for it should be behind the walls on the player side of the map. Allied heavyweights can defend the ball while discouraging or finishing weaker characters.
  3. Jessie Like Penny's Super, she can act as a wisp shield, absorbing enemy fire for a while, and allowing herself or an ally to escape a dangerous situation. It's even more effective when combined with the Pocket Detonator, which deals 1500 damage to one.
  4. Coins do the same amount of damage as the bag. If all three coins manage to hit the enemy, they can double or triple the amount of damage.
  5. Penny's ball has a very long range This strategy can work even better if there is a bush to hide the ball, allowing the ball to potentially deal more damage because it is harder to spot. This strategy can be countered by enemy shooters.
  6. Penny's ball has a long range and Siege perfectly placed in the corner of their map, while out of range of IKE's blasts SiegeIt can hit the IKE turret on the ground. This strategy can work even better if there is a bush to hide the ball, allowing the ball to potentially deal more damage as it is harder to spot. This strategy can be countered by enemy shooters.
    It is also possible to throw the ball into the range of the opposing IKE and, if Final Burst, fire 4 cannonballs at the IKE tower. This will damage IKE's health by about 20-25%.
  7. Last Exploding star power , causing his cannon to fire several cannonballs after being destroyed, dealing massive splash damage. This can prevent short-range players from destroying his ball. Additionally, it allows Penny to try a different playstyle where she places the ball in the middle of a fight, and if she's equipped with Final Burst she will bombard the enemy team even behind cover, even when destroyed.
  8. Fireballs star power (Balls of Fire) is very effective at restricting where the enemy is willing to go and often cuts off the escape route. This, Diamond Catch  ve Siege It is valuable in game modes that focus on control, such as The additional damage it deals is also effective against stationary targets such as Crates and IKE turrets.
  9. When facing a Penny with her Turret, don't back down because the ball hits her in a way that deals more damage than her main attack. To avoid this, keep moving and don't stop.
  10. penny's Remote Detonator accessoriesrı, walls on certain maps, for example War BallIt can be useful for demolishing the walls in front of the enemy stronghold. However, it is recommended to be careful when to use this gesture. His superpower may be more valuable for control and detonating it instantly can be disadvantageous. Additionally, a team member can rely on certain walls to function properly on a map.
  11. penny's Last Exploding star power ve Remote Detonator accessory, Robbery ve Siege It's better in mods with fixed targets, such as But Penny's Fireballs star power ve Captain's Compass accessory The amount of control it can maintain with it makes it a better combination overall. The Captain's Compass can act as a safety net should an enemy attempt to ambush or assassinate him.
  12. penny's Captain's Compass accessory ve Fireballs star power combination, hot zoneIt's perfect in ' because tanks like Frank are popular in the Hot zone and Captain's Compass accessory, Provides easy hits when both players are in the zone, and fire provides more damage and control.
  13. Penny's ball forces players to move around the map. Use this to your advantage to predict where your competitors will go.

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