Nita Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Nita Character

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Nita Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
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Nita Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Nita is an unlocked Trophy Path reward upon reaching 10 Trophies. common character.

5600 soulful Nita Strikes enemies with a violent shockwave. Super summons a huge bear to fight alongside him, he can damage his opponents with his ranged shots. These attacks also have a penetrating feature. In this way, you can detonate a few boxes at the same time, and you can damage the opponents in line at the same time.

They have medium health and medium range attacks with shockwaves that can hit multiple enemies. He is most noted for his ability to summon Super's "Big Baby Bear." This bear has high health and fast, dangerous melee attacks.

First accessory Bear Claws, He will briefly stun all enemies in an area around his bear.

Second accessory Faux Fur, protects his bear for a short time.

First Star Power Bear Support (Bear with Me) heals her bear slightly when she attacks an enemy, and Nita slightly heals her bear when she attacks an enemy.

Second Star Power Hyper BearIncreases your bear's attack speed.

Attack: Break ;

Nita fires a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies struck by the concussion.

Nita creates a ranged shockwave that deals medium damage. It has medium range and the shock wave is quite wide, but does not spread as it travels. The shock wave can pierce and hit multiple enemies.

Super: Zorba ;

Nita summons Big Bear's spirit to hunt down her enemies.

Nita summons a bear to chase and damage enemies. The bear will walk towards the nearest enemy, even if they are in a thicket, and attempt to hit them with fast melee attacks that deal massive damage. The Bear shares the same above-average health as Nita.

Nita Brawl Stars Features
Nita Super: Bear Power

Brawl Stars Nita Costumes

  • Panda
  • Red Nose Nita(Christmas holiday costume)
  • Shiba Nita(Golden Week skin)
  • Koala Nita
Nita Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Nita Costumes

Nita Features

Health 5600
Damage 1120
SUPER: Bear Damage 560
Reload speed (ms) 1250
Attack speed (ms) 500
speeding Normal
attack range 6


level hit points Damage Bruce Hitpoints Bruce Damage
1 4000 800 4000 400
2 4200 840 4200 420
3 4400 880 4400 440
4 4600 920 4600 460
5 4800 960 4800 480
6 5000 1000 5000 500
7 5200 1040 5200 520
8 5400 1080 5400 540
9-10 5600 1120 5600 560
Health :
Level Health
1 4000
2 4200
3 4400
4 4600
5 4800
6 5000
7 5200
8 5400
9 – 10 5600

Nita Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Bear Support  ;

Nita recovers 800 health when her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear gains 800 health.

This passive ability allows Nita to heal herself and her bear. Healing can be maximized by throwing the bear into a large group of players, thus inflicting more hits to heal Nita. Likewise, Nita can join the battle to keep her bear alive longer, similar to Tamir's star power in healing Jesse's tower.

warrior's 2. star power :Hyper Bear ;

Nita's bear attacks faster. The time between swipes is reduced by 60%.

This allows Nita's bear to deal damage twice as fast as normal. This makes it an immediate threat to standing enemies and other minions.

Nita and her Bear Brawl Stars
Nita and her Bear Brawl Stars

Nita Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Bear claw ;

Nita orders her bear to slam into the ground and stun any enemies she can reach.

After a delay of 1 second, Nita's bear stuns enemies within a 3,33-frame radius for 0,5 seconds, allowing her to catch up and attack them when this accessory is used. can be used within distance.

Warrior's 2st accessory: Faux Fur ;

For the next 3.0 seconds, Nita's bear gains a 35% shield from damage.

Nita's bear will be protected by 3% from attacks for 35 seconds. The accessory can only be used when Nita has a bear from her Super within 12 squares of her current location on the map.

Nita Tips

  1. Nita's attack can hit multiple enemies from a reasonable distance. Take advantage of this when enemies get close to each other.
  2. Nita's Super can be dashed over walls so it can come in handy for dealing with enemies hiding behind one.
  3. The bear summoned by Nita's Super has very high health and lets Nita create her own tank. The bear distracts enemies and absorbs fire, protecting Nita and giving her a chance to deal damage.
  4. The summoned bear can also detect Warriors hidden in the bushes and can follow them. This can help the player find the hiding enemy, making it a scouting tool that helps you and your teammates.
  5. Nita's bear has a very short attack range, so it is best to be supported or used in a confined space where the enemy cannot overtake the bear.
  6. Nita uses her Super to spawn the bear on a launch pad, ambushing unsuspecting foes.
  7. ***A Frank Throw his bear right behind Frank as you confront him. That way he needs to move or attack from 2 angles making it easy to take him down.
  8. Since Nita's Super is a projectile that launches like Barley's attacks, she will summon the bear faster if she dashes towards an area closer to Nita. This, Shelly or a Bull This is useful when you're being attacked by an enemy using a shotgun, such as the bear, because the bear can tank shells and allow Nita to evade and counterattack.
  9. By letting your team control the mine Diamond CatchAlso use Nita's Super to support an offensive crackdown.
  10. The bear is both safe and both you can throw the bear beyond enemies and walls to attack the IKE turret. Siege as well as Robbery useful for in siege bear can deal a lot of damage when attacking near a robot and defending against a robot. Nita's Hyper Bear star power especially useful in these modes.
  11. If he gets too close to melee, his Super Darryl or a Bull Use it as a distraction from heavy artillery, so you have plenty of time to dodge.
  12. Nita's first accessory Bear Claws, Star Power To the Hyper Bear If you have it, it can make a great impact. Nita can stun enemies and reload her Super extremely quickly, which can be useful against players with high health.
  13. Robberyalso him Hyper Bear star power It may be more convenient to use with Generally, Hyper Bear just Robbery in non-modes, Bear Clawsi your accessory use while using. Star Power Bear Support, provides a more consistent value in these cases.

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How to Play Nita? Brawl Stars Nita Game Video