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New World : How and When to Buy a House? , New World : When to Buy a House? ,New World Home , How to Buy a Home in New World? ; Buying a house in New World can be insanely helpful. Here you can read our article explaining how and when players should do this…

New World is about crafting, hunting, fishing and building as well as exciting and engaging content. There are players from all over the world who spend a few hours relaxing with a little manual labor by hopping into the New World every week. It sounds pretty weird, but that's part of New World's massive appeal, and it's an MMO that offers a unique experience to a wide variety of players thanks to its open-ended gameplay.

Players can even own a home if they so choose, and hosting in the New World offers advantages beyond “another place to decorate”. Players will still be able to place furniture in their homes as they see fit, but the houses offer some unique bonuses, power-ups and additional storage, making them a hot commodity for those who live and breathe the world of Aeternum. But how exactly do players end up in New World? ev buy and when is the best time to buy?

Why Should You Buy a House in New World?

in a New World to buy a house Its main draw is access to additional storage. Although each town has a storage shed, players who spend a lot of time mining, crafting, chopping wood and gathering all kinds of materials will find themselves flooded with loot. Players who own a house can add special chests inside the house to gain access to additional storage. The amount that can hold the chest is determined by what type of chests players make (based on their Furniture making trade skills), and the amount of chests a player can have in a particular house is determined by the size of the house and its initial cost.

Another aspect of hosting that is often overlooked by new players is the addition of trophies. These special decorations can be placed in a home and provide a global buff that can affect everything from mining and crafting to travel and warfare. Houses also give players an additional free bonus every 2-4 hours (depending on the size and cost of the house). fast travel gives the point.

How to Buy a House in New World?

in a New World Buy a house It's a pretty simple process, but players cannot enter any town and close a property. Before they can raise the money to secure a house, they must achieve a certain amount of "standing" regardless of the area the house is in. about tasks and duties for the city board.

Once players reach 10 Standings in the selected region, there is a buy a housebees are allowed. Unfortunately, 10 Standings is enough to cover the lowest house level in an area and players will need to earn more if they want a bigger or more elaborate house. Currently, there are four different house sizes available in New World, and players will need to be in Ranks 10, 15, 20 and 30 to reach each stage.

Once players have the appropriate Status (and money), all they have to do is ev Search for a town and walk there to initiate the purchase prompt. As at present, houses are only available in the main cities of each region. It's also important to note that players who buy a house for the first time will receive a 50 percent discount, and players can own up to three houses at a time.

House Types in New World

New World : How and When to Buy a House?
New World : How and When to Buy a House?

Although there are many different home styles and places to buy homes in the New World, there are only four "floors" of homes. Here's a look at each home tier and what it has to offer.

When Should You Buy a House in New World?

in a New World Buy a house The best time to play depends on the player. It's up to players to determine when they'll need more storage, whether they can afford a house, what kind of buffs they're interested in, and whether they can afford the taxes. A buy a houseIt's important to note that there are some drawbacks to the game and that players cannot easily close any house they want and expect it to just sit there while they spend countless days doing other things.

Unfortunately, thanks to New World's living and breathing economy, the houses are supplemented by their own taxes, which players will have to fork weekly to ensure they have access to their homes. Fortunately, players will not lose access to the house, but they will lose their ability to gain power-ups from their trophies and will not be able to invite other players to their decorated house.

For this reason, it is recommended that players do not buy a house until they are ready and consistent enough to pay their taxes. If players can afford the taxes, a larger ev must take advantage of the first-time home buyer discount (to get a bigger discount).

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in the New World

New World : How and When to Buy a House?
New World : How and When to Buy a House?

of the players New Worldone in Buy a house Here's a detailed look at some of the pros and cons of hosting on an Amazon-based MMO to better help them decide whether or not to buy their hard-earned gold.

Pros of Being a Host in New World

  • It gives players access to additional storage for up to 500 chests depending on the size of the house, with a maximum of 4 (workable) spaces in each chest.
  • It allows players to place trophies that can boost their stats globally, giving them extra EXP, standing, loot, combat prowess or a number of other things.
  • Houses can be fully decorated with a wide variety of furniture, and players can invite others to private samples to view their handiwork.
  • Every 2-4 hour period (depending on house cost) players will be able to fast travel home.

Cons of Being a Host in New World

  • Players will have to pay taxes each week for the houses they own.
  • Those who don't pay taxes will lose access to trophy buffs and other stuff.
  • House taxes are directly related to the Company that owns the area where the house is located. Companies can claim excessive tax amounts if they wish.
  • Players will need to put some effort into getting their Furniture skills to a good level to create decorations or trophies, otherwise they will have to buy them.


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