Where to Find Immortal Eyes in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch is a game set in a fascinating action RPG world, with time travel at the center. Players find themselves searching for a variety of powerful items as they battle through different time periods of the past, present, and future to save the world of Eterra from an impending void. One of these items is Immortal Eyes – extremely rare and valuable artifacts – that provide significant upgrades.

What are Immortal Eyes?

Immortal Eyes are high-level artifact items. They are placed in a specific armor socket to enhance special abilities. They are highly sought after in the final stages of character builds because they offer powerful bonuses and unique advantages.

Where Can I Buy Immortal Eyes?

To obtain the Immortal Eyes, you'll need to complete some of the game's most challenging content. Here are a few places to find them:

  • High-Level Timelines: “Echoes of Corruption” found in certain Timelines offer a chance to gain the Immortal Eye. As the difficulty of the Timelines increases, your chances of finding a better Immortal Eye also increase.

  • Zone End Bosses (Monolith of Fate bosses): Fighting Zone End Bosses gives you the chance to earn powerful rewards, including Immortal Eyes. These encounters are incredibly challenging, so make sure you have a strong build.

  • Arena (Arena): Progressing through the Arena grants access to random loot pools that may contain Immortal Eyes. The higher the arena waves, the better your chances of getting better rewards.

Tips for Finding the Immortal Eye

To increase your chances of finding the Immortal Eyes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on the Magic Find stat: Magic Find attribute increases your chance of finding rare items. Prioritize gear with high Magic Find value.

  • Increase Difficulty: Harder content has better loot drop chances. Consider increasing the difficulty during your Immortal Eye hunt.

  • Be Patient: Immortal Eyes are incredibly rare. Remember that finding them takes time and dedication.


Obtaining Immortal Eyes in Last Epoch is a great way to take your character to the next level. Take on the game's most challenging content, pay attention to your Magic Find feature, and continue your search until you find the perfect Immortal Eyes.