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Brawl Stars Mr.P

In this writing Mr.P Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine Mr. P, Brawl Stars is a furious trunk sitter. Throwing suitcases at his opponents in the game, Mr.P summons auxiliary carriers with his superpower. A sniper with 3200 health, one of the legendary characters of Brawl Stars Mr. P We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Mr. P Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Mr.Pis a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily throws suitcases at his rivals. Super summons the robo-transporters to help him.
Mr.P is a man who uses suitcases to throw at enemies. Mystical Character. Mr.P's Her health and damage are moderate. Attacks with suitcases that bounce and deal additional damage. His super ability establishes a home base that periodically creates robo-carriers to attack enemies.

with accessories Reception Bell, Significantly increases the damage and health of the current porter.

Mr.P's first Star Power, Move with Care, Allows her main attack to bounce at the end of its range.

Second Star Power Revolving door, allows robot carriers to spawn earlier when the current power is destroyed.

Class: Sniper

Mr.P Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars P character


Mr.P Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Attack: Here is your suitcase! ;

Mr.P throws a heavy suitcase with angry intent. If the suitcase hits an obstacle or enemy, it jumps over them, lands in an explosion and deals area damage.
Mr.P throws a suitcase at an enemy. If the suitcase hits a target or obstacle, it bounces off them, dealing area damage on hitting the ground. Leaping expands the attack's range by 3 squares.

Super: Helpers! Attack! ;

Mr.P, deploys home base for robot carriers. He reprogrammed robots with little penguin heads to attack and harass opponents (and unruly guests).
Mr.establishes a moderately healthy home base. Mr. PIt can be launched anywhere within a short distance of . The home base is fixed and Mr.P and spawns robo-carriers with very low health and damage to aid his allies. Robo-carriers will continue to spawn until the home base is destroyed. However, there can only be one robo-carrier on the battlefield at a time. The home base has a 4 second delay before spawning another robo-carrier after the current one is destroyed.

Mr. P Super

Brawl Stars Mr.P Costumes

  • Default Mr.P: Free is the costume you will dig when you remove the character.
  • Agent P: 30 Stars
Mr.P Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Mr.P Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Mr.P Brawl Stars Features

Mr.P has 7 different character traits like many heroes in the game. However, 5 of these features represent himself and 2 of them represent porters. Mr.P and porter features become stronger with advancing levels. Mr.P features are as follows:

  • Health: 3200/4480 (Level 1/10)
  • Damage Per Impact: 980
  • SUPER: Porters Attack
  • Reload Speed ​​(ms): 1600
  • Speed: Normal (One character at average speed)
  • robo-carriers (Porter) Health: 2100
  • robo-carriers(Porter) Damage: 364
  • Level 1 Damage: 700
  • 9-10. Level Damage: 980
  • Porter Level 1 Damage: 260
  • 9-10. Level 364 Porter (Porter) Damage: XNUMX
Level Health
1 3200
2 3360
3 3520
4 3680
5 3840
6 4000
7 4160
8 4320
9 – 10 4480

Mr.P Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Move with Care ;
Mr. P's overstuffed suitcases bounce and explode even if they don't hit a target or obstacle.
This is Star Power, Mr. Allows P's main attack to bounce even if it doesn't hit any targets. This increases its maximum range to 10 frames; however, there is a breaking point after the jump that slows the attack.

warrior's 2. star power : Revolving door ;

Robo-carriers spawn 3 seconds after being defeated.
This Star Power allows porters to spawn faster when the current one is defeated. Normally, after a porter is removed, it takes 4 seconds to respawn, but the Revolving Door shortens it by 3 seconds, so a new door will spawn 1 second after the previous one is defeated.

Mr.P Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Reception Bell ;

Mr. P strengthens his current porter by increasing his damage by 150 and health by 1000.
Mr. P increases his current porter's stats by 150 damage and 1000 health. This only applies to a porter on the battlefield. The polished carrier will appear larger with a purple boosted effect on it (similar to the effect of 8-BIT's Super). This will also heal the janitor to maximum health. Mr. P must be within 12 squares of his current porter to use this accessory. Supplements are applied to the carrier only once.

Mr.P Tips

  1. Mr. P's attack is unique in that it bounces off after hitting a wall or enemy. If you attack the walls, you can shoot the enemies behind them like a shooter. This only works on walls that are one tile thick. If you hit an enemy, if they stand still or flee from you, the attack can hit them again, effectively doubling your damage per hit against fleeing targets.
  2. Boss War, Robot Invasion ve Big Game At his events, Mr. P's Super can be very useful as enemies can keep destroying robo-carriers, but when one is destroyed, another will spawn to take its place.
  3. Keep building a home base while taking control of lanes in battles. Mr. P's Super can be charged consistently, allowing them to gain control faster using their Super. It also means it's safe to move the base to the battlefield where it can be more useful.
  4. Mr. P's first Star Power, Handle Carefully, causing his suitcases to bounce even if they don't hit an enemy or obstacle, making it more threatening in open areas and increasing its range.
  5. Mr. P has above-average skill due to his so-called shooter attacks. It can be vital to note the enemy's movement and position while dealing maximum damage with the jump portion of his attack.
  6. Siegeda, Mr. P's second Star Power Rotary Bowlı, Allows you to use its home base and carriers to further attack the IKE turret. To do this, enter IKE's range and discard home base as soon as you enter. This will increase your relative health a lot and give you a much wider attack range against IKE.
    In this case, its carriers can be used as a shield to hide behind and heal or attack the enemy. It's just Reckoning in such cases or Bounty Hunt or a Siegeshould be used in the last few seconds. Watch out for Penny and the other piercing players, because they can hit spawners like Mr.P's porters.
  7. Mr. P, can be a real nuisance on maps with a lot of bush, robo-transporters can take out hidden enemies.

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