Mortis Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars Mortis

In this writing Mortis Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine 3800 soulful Mortis He is thrown forward with every stroke he makes with the shovel. As his super attack, he sends a cloud of bats to damage enemies and heal himself. Mortis We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Mortis Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Mortis character…

Mortissling his shovel, throwing a few stones forward to attack and damage enemies in his path. Mystic It is a (mysterious) Character. Mortis summons a swarm of bats for his Super that drains his enemies' health while restoring his own health. of Mortis medium health, low damage output, and a slow reload speed but it's incredibly can move fast.

First accessory Combo Wheel (Combo Spinner) allows him to spin quickly and deal damage to all enemies around him.

Second accessory Camp Shovel (Survival Shovel) doubles reload speed for 4 seconds.

First Star Power, Creepy Harvest, heals an enemy Brawler slightly when he defeats them.

Second Star Power Coiled Snake (Coiled Snake) gives him a longer burst to recharge when his ammo is full.

Class: Assassin

Mortis Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Mortis character

Mortis Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Attack: Shovel Strike ;

Mortis sharply swings his shovel, creating job opportunities for himself.
Mortis dashes forward a short distance, dealing moderate damage to all enemies in his path. Mortis can't attack without dashing unless he dashes against a nearby wall. If Mortis jumps into a wall in the middle of a wall, his attack is cut short. This attack is technically a melee attack, but provides a short range. The reload speed is too slow.

Super: Water of life ;

Mortis summons a swarm of vampire bats that drain their own health while healing their enemies. Creepy!
Mortis shoots a swarm of bats in a single direction that can go over walls. If bats come into contact with an enemy, they deal damage and heal Mortis. Mortis will heal for 125% of the full amount possible for his Super level, even if the enemy hit has less health than their maximum damage, but if the bats miss, Mortis will not heal. Bats move fast and travel long distances, making this an attack difficult to avoid. If the bats hit multiple enemies, they deal full damage and Mortis' healing is multiplied by the number of enemies hit, allowing Mortis to dramatically heal himself if the bats hit several enemies. This will not heal Mortis if he hits a spawnable pet or pet.

Brawl Stars Mortis Costumes

  • You must have 150 stone points for the Vagrant Mortis outfit.
  • night witch You can buy the costume for 59 stone points.
  • Ball Hat
  • rockability
  • Arrogant
  • Real Silver
  • Real Gold
Mortis Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Mortis Brawl Stars Features Costumes

Level 10 Mortis Traits

  • 5320 health
  • Movement speed 820
  • Damage power 1260
  • The main attack cooldown is 2,4 seconds.
  • bat damage level 1260,
  • 1260 health gain on bat attack
Level Health
1 3800
2 3990
3 4180
4 4370
5 4560
6 4750
7 4940
8 5130
9 – 10 5320

Mortis Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Creepy Harvest  ;

Mortis regains 1800 of his health by collecting the life essence of a defeated enemy.
While active, heals himself for 1800 health after defeating an enemy.

warrior's 2. star power : Coiled Snake ;

Mortis wins a Dash Bar! The dash range is increased by 75% when the bar is fully charged.

When Mortis is ready with all three dashes, the stick takes 3,5 seconds to charge.
When Mortis's ammo bar is full, an indicator bar visible below the ammo bar will begin charging. The bar takes 3,5 seconds to fully charge, and when fully charged, the dash range of its next attack is increased by 75%, allowing it to travel further distances.

Mortis Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Combo Wheel ;

Mortis spins his shovel, dealing 1300 damage to all nearby enemies.
Mortis spins around, dealing 3.33 damage to all enemies within a 1300 square radius. He can move, but cannot use his attack for the duration of this accessory.

warrior's 2. accessory : Camp Shovel ;

Mortis reloads faster for 4.0 seconds.
When activated, Mortis will appear red and double the reload speed for 4 seconds. This allows Mortis to deal more damage to enemies or use it to increase his movement to dodge away from other enemies or dash quickly to a specific location.

Mortis Tips

  1. The dash from Mortis' main attack makes him quite mobile. It can attack quickly, dodge away and dodge danger, making it harder to hit. He can also retreat quickly, thanks to his fast assassin-level movement speed.
  2. As when retreating/running away you will be thrown at the enemy you are trying to run away from. Avoid using automatic fire.
  3. Mortis' Super can act as a powerful fourth attack in difficult situations. Use it when his health is low and he needs a quick recovery. Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your Super to gain more health. It also has a considerable range and moves pretty fast, which can be used to even pull the low live player over walls.
  4. mortis, Dynamike, Barley, Tick ve Sprout'a resists well. His throw is effective for dodging his slow attacks.
  5. Mortis also  Frank or a Bibi It can resist with a slow discharge rate such as To dodge any damage, try to time your streaks just before finishing the drain animations. This strategy is especially useful against a Frank's Super because you can use a dash to neutralize all effects.
  6. Mortis' reload speed was the slowest in the entire gamer, meaning that after defeating an enemy, you must immediately retreat and reload.
  7. of Mortis Creepy Harvest star power,  Heals him significantly while beating. It's incredibly useful, and sometimes it's necessary to survive while taking fire from the enemy. This is especially On the Bounty Hunt It can be useful as you can defeat an opponent and regain your health to survive.
  8. In the Cannon, You can hit the ball and throw it several times to get it again. You can also use your Super to shoot the ball (even on the side of the map) and throw the ball forward (preferably with the Coiled Snake) to move the ball extremely quickly around the field.
  9. of Mortis star power Coiled Snakeallows it to close an important gap between competitors. Using this Star Power effectively requires preparation and unpredictability, such as hiding in a bush and attacking when someone approaches. Using this Star Power can also grant certain melee Fighters (Rose or a The cousin etc.) and quickly use it to cut the enemy out of their range. This can be used repeatedly to charge Mortis' Super while taking minimal damage.
  10. On the Bounty Hunt, Mortis' attack attack can easily catch the first star in the middle. He can then use his fast movement speed to put more pressure on the enemy or get into position to dodge. This can be dangerous if the map is relatively open because then you can get hit sharply.
  11. In the Cannon try to get your teammates to distract the opponent. Then grab the ball, use attacking attacks to move fast, score goals.
  12. Home Reckoning hem of In Double Showdown You can't control the bushes, so if you're running into unknown bush, be prepared to get away very quickly.
  13. Reckoning Mortis can succeed by simply camping in the woods and avoiding fights, escaping when needed. If you see a fight between other players, wait near unseen and when the fight is over, dive into and take down the surviving enemy if he has taken enough damage or stolen all Power Cubes and escaped.
  14. Diamond Catch Avoid buying gems as Mortis for most of the match. This is because of Mortis' gameplay; If you're carrying a large amount of gems, it's a very high risk to attack enemies with it, leaving your teammates in a 2v3 situation all the time. However, towards the end of a match it can be ideal to opt for ores whenever possible as there is less need to play aggressively.
  15. Mortis' single-target focus combined with his reload speed, due to the low damage and enemy presence inflicted on mods' targets (case, bosses, etc.) Robbery and makes it a poor choice for Events like any Special Event. (in the Big Game,Robot Invasion ve Boss War as )
  16. One Reckoning At the start of the match, go for defeats instead of boxes, as it takes a long time and is very likely to be stolen. while shooting Dynamics or a Rico Choose players with relatively low health, such as

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