Minecraft: Cake – How to Make a Cake | Make A Cake

Minecraft: Cake – How to Make a Cake | Make A Cake , Where to Find Minecraft Cake Ingredients ; Kek It is one of the best foods in Minecraft. Players can make one by reading this article.

Cooking Cake MinecraftIt is one of the available methods to quench hunger. When the hunger bar is at least nine, the Minecraft character will gradually regenerate health. Meanwhile, players can no longer sprint if they land on three Drumsticks. And when it reaches zero, the Health point will gradually deplete.

Players who cannot manage their hunger will find themselves in many difficult situations. Therefore, they should know how to protect their stocks. For this purpose Cake, It is one of the best foods in Minecraft. Here's how players can make one…

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

Players in Minecraft make a cake four needed malzeme has:

  • Milk x 3
  • Candies x 2
  • Egg x 1
  • Wheat x 3

the cake three Buckets of Milk in the top row, Sugar + Egg + Sugar and three in the last row Wheat sheep. Empty Buckets will be returned to players after making the cake, so don't forget to collect them later.

Where to Find Cake Ingredients in Minecraft

The four ingredients needed to Prepare a Cake are quite common.

Where players can find each item:

Milk bucket

The Milk Bucket can be consumed immediately or Making a cake Can Be Prepared for. Drinking Milk will remove all player-bound status effects. Milk can be obtained in the following ways:

  • It can be obtained from Cows, Mooshrooms and Goats by using an empty Bucket on Pets.
  • Killing a Traveling Merchant holding a Milk Bucket.


This sweet food can be easily found in the wild, especially near watery areas. Players can then evolve them. There is a small process that needs to be done to obtain the required Sugar.

  • Made from a Sugar Cane.
  • Crafted from a Honey Bottle.
  • Looted from witches.


Eggs can be used as a component or thrown (12,5%) for a chance to spawn Chicks. People can also breed Chickens using Wheat Seeds. An Egg can be obtained from these sources:

  • To collect this item regularly, players can create a Chicken farm in Minecraft. The animal will lay an egg every 5-10 minutes.
  • Looted from a Fox holding an egg.


This plant can be used to raise Cow, Sheep, Goat and Mooshroom. By the way, the seeds can also be used to grow Chickens. This makes Wheat an important commodity for agriculture. To obtain this item, players can try the following methods:

  • Grow Wheat Seeds. Seeds can be obtained by harvesting ripe Wheat or by randomly breaking Grass.
  • Looted from a Fox holding wheat.

What Is A Cake Used For In Minecraft?

Kek It is mainly used for food. However, unlike typical food, players Cake BlockThey have to place it before they eat it. In total, players can "eat" this item seven times. Each slice will restore two Hungers (a Drumstick icon).

Since it has several slices, players cake Each time you consume it, the appearance of the Pie will gradually change. In this way, people the cake it's easy for them to see how many more times they can eat.


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