How to Build Minecraft Anvil

Minecraft How To Make An Anvil;It allows you to repair your anvil items and change the names of your weapons in Minecraft. The anvil is often a life-saving item. It is one of the most essential items in the game. So how is the anvil made? Here is the anvil construction in the minecraft game;

How to Build Minecraft Anvil

You need a lot of iron ore to make an anvil. You can find the iron mine by going down to the caves, and you can get it by heating it in the oven. You can create your anvil with 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots.

How To Make A Minecraft Iron Block

Take 9 pieces of iron with you to make the iron block in the game. Place 9 irons in each part of your work table. If you did everything right, you will get the iron block successfully. To reproduce, it will be enough to repeat the same process.

How to Build Minecraft Anvil

Now that we've made our iron blocks, we can move on to making the anvil. Place the 3 iron blocks on the top for the anvil. Place one iron on the middle part with its sides empty, and 3 irons on the bottom in the same way. You can do it by looking at the image below.

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