Minecraft Dying Item – Item Not Going Code (2021)

Minecraft Dying Item – Item Not Going Code (2021) ; One of the problems that plague us in Minecraft is that our items fall to the ground when we die. We can change the item drop event, which annoys us when we die, by accessing the codes in the game. So what is the minecraft item no go code? Here is the code for the item not to drop when minecraft dies;

Minecraft Dead-Item Not Going Code (2021)

  1. Open the chat by pressing the "T" key in the game.

2. In the chat box “/ gamerule keepInventory truePaste the ” code.

3. Now even if you die in the game, your items will not fall to the ground, they will come back to your hand. Of course, in order to activate this, it is useful to make sure that the cheats are turned on in the game.


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