How to download Minecraft – How to play Minecraft for free?

How to download Minecraft – How to play Minecraft for free? Free Minecraft download? In the last 20 years, the interest in computer games has increased considerably. Among the games in question, the most striking was Minecraft. Played by more than 40 million people, Minecraft went down in history as the best-selling game in the world. So, how to play Minecraft? How to download Minecraft? How much does Minecraft cost 2021?

Play Minecraft for free? It is a matter of curiosity how to download Minecraft, played by millions of people around the world. In the game designed with cubes, people can design their own worlds. Alright, Is Minecraft a paid game?

How to download Minecraft?

How to download Minecraft – How to play Minecraft for free?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Swedish developer Markus Alexej Persson, published by Mojang Studios in 2011 and acquired by Microsoft in 2014. You can design with cubes in the game. Minecraft is the best-selling game in world history.

How to download Minecraft - How to play Minecraft for free?
How to download Minecraft – How to play Minecraft for free?

How to download Minecraft to computer?

You can download and play Minecraft game on your computer. There are different versions of Minecraft. Minecraft is a paid game, but you can download the trial version to your computer for free. For the paid game, you have to sacrifice at least 85 liras.

To download the game, you need to log in to the official Minecraft website. You can start the download process by clicking 'Get Minecraft' on the main page and selecting the version you want. Of course, you must pay for the game with a credit or debit card before downloading. You can download Minecraft to your computer by following the steps given after the payment process.

Minecraft How to Download

1-Visit and download the launcher. Minecraft to be able to play To do this, you must first download the game itself. The way Minecraft works is slightly different from that of other games. You can always download Minecraft for free, but you have to pay for an account to play the full version.

  • To get the Minecraft “launcher” (the app you use to play the game) first Minecraft.netgo to You will see three options on the right: “Get Minecraft”, “Play Demo” and “Have you already purchased the game? Download here”. Choose the last option even if you haven't paid for the game yet. 
  • On the next page, click Minecraft.msi or Minecraft.exe if you're using a Windows PC. The download starts. If you're using Mac or Linux, click "Show all platforms" and select the appropriate option.

2-Install the launcher. Run the file after the download is finished. The download should begin immediately. Just follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

  • The installation should go smoothly for the vast majority of users. But if you're having trouble downloading or installing Minecraft Try referencing the official help resources at

3-Open the launcher. After the installation is complete, the Minecraft launcher should start immediately. If the installer doesn't start, you can always start it by opening it from the directory where you installed it.

4-Register an account. When the launcher opens, it asks you for login information to verify if you have paid for the game. Click “Sign Up” because you don't have an account yet. If you do not have an account, you cannot even play the demo (trial) version of the game.

  • Clicking the “Sign Up” button will open a window in your default Internet browser that will direct you to the Mojang website to create an account. Follow the instructions to register a username and password. You must provide a valid email address in order to receive a verification email as part of the registration process.

How to download minecraft on phone?

Minecraft is not only played on the computer. Those who wish can download Minecraft from the application stores to their phones. You can download Minecraft by purchasing it from the app store. There are also trial versions of the game available in the app stores. You can download the trial version for free.

How to download Minecraft - How to play Minecraft for free?
How to download Minecraft – How to play Minecraft for free?

Is Minecraft free?

Minecraft is a popular indie box and survival game developed by Mojand AB. Minecraft allows players to build, fight and explore in the open world. The full version of the game is now 85 TL Although it is possible to play the game for free. However, if you don't want to pay money, you'll have to settle for the demo (trial) version of the game, which comes with a time limit and lacks the ability to play online. If you still want to create unlimited worlds and have the Creative mode without paying, you need to play 1.2.5 (the version that adds Jungles to the game) and below because the demo version was not yet available when these versions were released.

Minecraft download free | Minecraft is a paid game. However, you can download the trial version to your computer or phone for free. If you want to download Minecraft for free on your phone or tablet; Log into the app store and search for 'Minecraft trial version'. Once you find the game, you can start the download for free.

It is also possible to download the trial version of the game to your computer for free. To do this, log in to the Minecraft website. Click on 'Games' at the top of the site. Select a version of the game from the page that opens. At the top of the page that opens in front of you, you will see the 'Try for free' option. After clicking this option, you can start the download process.

How to Play Minecraft Free?

1-Sign in with your new account information. After your account is registered with Mojang, you should be able to log into the Minecraft launcher. At the bottom of the window when you're logged in, you can see the launcher downloading additional files with a progress bar; it's normal.

  • Note that you must have an Internet connection to log in so that your information can be verified by the Mojang servers.

2-Start the Demo (Trial). You should see a large “Play Demo” button at the bottom of the launcher window. Click this button to start the game. The launcher closes and a new game window opens. Click “Play Demo World” on the title screen.

3-Know the limitations of the demo (trial) version. Congratulations — you should now be able to play Minecraft for free. If this is your first time playing, consider reading our Minecraft article so you can become familiar with it. It's important to note that the demo version is not the full version of the game — the purpose of this version is just to give you a taste of the full version's content. The biggest differences between the two versions that you can notice are:

  • The demo version of the game is limited to a 100-minute playing session. After this time is up, you can continue to visit the world, but you cannot break or place blocks.
  • The demo version of the game does not allow you to connect to the servers. But you can play multiplayer games over LAN.
  • If you want to have the full game without paying, you can play version 1.2.5 (approximately when Jungles were added) and gold; these versions don't ask you to pay to play the full version.

4-Alternatively, log in with a friend's information.

If you have a friend who has a copy of Minecraft, another way to play the full version of the game on their computer is to use their login. Only do this with your friend's permission — it's even better if your friend is around. Never using another person's account to distribute the game illegally may result in the permanent deletion of that friend's account.

  • The Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA) states, “When you purchase our Game, you acquire a license that allows you to install the Game on your personal device and use and play it on that device as set forth in this EULA.” Don't forget you typed Y. While sharing account login information is unlikely to have serious consequences unless you publish or distribute the game without permission, violating the EULA will result in your privilege to play the game being revoked.


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