What is Minecraft Lovehunt and How to Play?

What is Minecraft Lovehunt and How to Play? ; Here's your next visual novel to hang out with.
The visual novel genre of games has been around for quite some time. One of the first anime-style visual novels is Lolita, a mini-game from the early '80s, followed by The Portopia Serial Murder Case, a murder mystery game where you search for clues and complete puzzles. These days, visual novels are as popular as ever, with intriguing titles like Doki Doki Literature Club and Hatoful Boyfriend. For those who enjoy story-driven experiences where you can decide how the narrative unfolds, Minecraft Lovehunt may be for you.

What is Minecraft Lovehunt and How to Play?

What is Minecraft Lovehunt?

Minecraft Lovehunt is a small standalone visual novel developed by Kio, who also does all the amazing artwork for the game. The interesting thing about Minecraft Lovehunt is that Kio has included creators from Dream Team, who create content about Minecraft add-ons called Dream, George, and Sapnap. Set inside the world of Minecraft, the player has nine different endings that can see a lot of things happen as the narrative continues.

Kio points out that the game has flashing lights and some language that can be upsetting. After each finish, the player must exit the game for the end timer to work, but hopefully Kio will eventually find a solution to this. You'll also find that if you shuffle the name entry, you might stumble upon an easter egg. To get the best experience in the visual novel's navigation menu, Kio requires players to use the arrow keys and enter button due to a glitch that could see the end of the game.

How to Play Minecraft Lovehunt?

If that sounds like something you'd want to experience, all you have to do is Kio's itch.io page and hit that download button. You can choose whether to offer some form of payment to help Kio, but you can also download it for free. The artwork alone is worth it.