Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft Home Ideas ; Minecraft house ideas to inspire you, from tiny wooden cabins to luxurious treetop retreats…

Looking for Minecraft house ideas? If you're looking for some inspiration for your next build, we've rounded up some more available Minecraft house designs to take you on the path to creating your dream home. Building a house in Minecraft is not an easy task, so you have to devote some time, some resources, and some love.

While building your perfect home in Minecraft can be a time-consuming undertaking, nothing beats the feeling you get when you look out the window from the confines of your cozy cabin or admire the views from your hilltop hideout. These Minecraft house ideas will save you the effort of creating a design from scratch so you can spend more time enjoying your new pad and less time building stuff.

Whether you're a Minecraft maker pro or just approaching this daunting undertaking for the first time, we've included a variety of Minecraft houses you can build, including wooden cottages, beach cottages, suburban estates, and even medieval dwellings. Each building shown here has a handy video tutorial attached just to make it easy to build.


Here are all the coolest Minecraft house ideas you can try:


Medieval houses in Minecraft come in all shapes and sizes. You might want to house a solid Minecraft castle made of stone, gothic cobblestone features, spooky fireplaces, and a secret bunker. Maybe you are looking for a simple rustic country house made of oak, surrounded by a canopy of trees or set in a rural green retreat.

Our favorite of the bunch has to be the combination of these two with all the great stonework of a castle paired with barn-like features. This comfortable, simple Minecraft build means you won't get too stuck in terms of design and give you time to explore.


These Minecraft houses are not for the faint-hearted, but Minecraft treehouses are a great way to escape night-time creeps to give you time to repair your Minecraft shield. Treehouses are also a simple way to get a great view of the local area or a point to shoot arrows at Minecraft mobs.

You can build your new home on the top of a tree or build it from scratch. Whether you want a tree that functions as a house or a house on top of a tree, getting the foundation right is essential when building your Minecraft treehouse. This secret and peaceful home with a stylish trapdoor adorned with rose bushes is a great place to start. Just be sure to add a ladder or you won't be able to go back.


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A newer trend for Minecraft homes is to build a basement property with stairs leading up to the entrance to your underground base. To create these unique habitats, you will need to clear the area where you want to build your base. Then, when you've built the walls, stairs, and anything else your property needs, you can stick some glass on the roof to let the sunlight in. This is a great option if you're particularly keen on keeping plants indoors.

It can be difficult to illuminate efficiently at night, but that's nothing a few torches or bright stone blocks can't fix. Wanna know the best part? Since this is in Minecraft, you won't have to worry about mold growing on the walls. Make sure you have enough fences surrounding your house, otherwise you may have a very rude knock on your door at night.


Your wooden house in Minecraft can be as big or as small as you want, from wood-paneled palace mansions to cozy wooden cabins nestled on the outskirts of Minecraft village, as long as you have the materials on hand, you can let your imagination rebel.

Wooden houses are extremely versatile, easy to collect materials and can be built to suit your Minecraft needs. If you like to expand later to create more rooms, the relative ease with which you can gather materials makes a wooden house an attractive proposition. Plus, this luscious wooden cabin comes with a porch so you can relax and unwind before embarking on an adventure.


If a rustic abode isn't your style, there are plenty of modern Minecraft house designs to choose from. Finding the materials needed is a little more difficult. It includes stone, flooring and clay to shape your modern crib, complete with large glass windows and a balcony to absorb the view.

Therefore, modern houses take more time to plan and build, so you need to dedicate yourself and prepare everything in advance. We love the modern home design in the video above, with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and stunning landscaped garden complete with grass hedges and a winding lake.


Maybe your starting location is near the beach and you want something a little more appropriate for the local area. Whether your idea of ​​a beach house is a dilapidated waterfront cottage or a quiet three-story mansion complete with a swimming pool, there are tons of things to choose from.

Our favorite is the modest, easy-to-build villa above. It cleverly uses shut doors as decoration, but it takes quite a lot of quartz blocks to build it. It has a small pool where you can tip your toes to end a hard day's adventure in a relaxing way.

Minecraft Japanese house

If you're after a quiet house that is intricately built using vibrant and traditional colours, this Japanese house from Minecraft is a cinch to build. It can be surrounded by flower trees crafted using cobblestone, acacia logs, wood and sandstone and using pink wool.

As long as you have the necessary materials at hand, you can set up and run a peaceful Japanese house in Minecraft in no time. When you're done building the Japanese house, maybe then you can create a garden complete with ornate bridges crossing a fish-filled pond (bring in a bucket).


If you want to relax by the pool with a cold drink in hand, you will need your very own Minecraft villa and luckily, with the help of this tutorial, it will take only 45 minutes to complete the build.

It's not the most intricate design out there, but once you've got the bare bones built, you can fill it with these luxurious Minecraft kitchen ideas. You can also turn it into a rustic villa by adding some of our Minecraft farm designs.


If you're looking for something simple, practical, and perhaps familiar, you might like this suburban Minecraft house. It has all the features of a typical suburban home: two floors, a garage and a porch.

Despite its modest nature, it is a beautiful looking structure made of concrete, stone and quartz. You are also free to enlarge the rooms a little if you wish, but keep in mind that you will need to scale everything up to keep it looking plain.


If you need some help building your house from scratch, Minecraft house plans are a great place to start. There are tons of Minecraft plans that will take you step-by-step through the layers to build a Minecraft house, including the materials you'll need to build your dream home. Grabcraft is a great source of blueprints for a variety of homes, including cozy cottages, medieval castles, and quirky fisherman's cottages.

If you're looking for inspiration for your next build, these Minecraft house ideas are an ideal starting point. If you want a place you can call home when you return from fighting enemies or as a place to make potions in Minecraft, creating a home is both satisfying and rewarding.




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