How to Obtain Minecraft Clay? – What Is Clay Used For? | clay

How to Obtain Minecraft Clay? – What Is Clay Used For? | clay ; Clay is not an uncommon sight in Minecraft. However, for those who do not know, how to take and use Clay is explained in our article below.

MinecraftThere are many types of blocks that players can get. One of them is a gray block that can be removed with anything. Clay. More than 10 years later, Minecraft remains one of the top games with over a hundred million monthly users as of 2021. Of course, with the popularity of the game, Mojang is constantly improving it. Minecraft recently 1.18 in the patch Caves and cliffs published the second part. The next update will indulge players with new biomes and hostile mobs, but there's no official release date for that yet.

While the new biomes (and possibly new blocks) may sound exciting, the old items should still not be overlooked, especially for players who enjoy building aesthetically pleasing buildings. One of the available decorative items in Minecraft Terracottais . this block Clay can be melted using

How to Obtain Minecraft Clay?

Minecraft Clay
Minecraft Clay

Kil is not an uncommon meta in Minecraft. Players can easily spot them near watery areas. This includes marshes, beaches, rivers, shallows and oceans. Apart from that, this gray block can also be seen in the savannah, desert villages and some Villagers' homes.

Additionally, if players have the Hero of the Village status, a Mason Villager will become a clay block can give. To get this effect, humans need to kill an Illager Patrol, Illager Outpost, or Illager Raid Captain. Doing so will give the Bad Omen effect.

Next, enter a village to trigger a Raid. Now, players need to make sure they beat the Raid. A win will grant the Hero of the Village status effect. However, if enemies destroy all Villagers' beds or kill residents, Illagers will win instead.

As stated earlier, a clay block It can be broken by anything. Mining this block is four Clay Ball will give. These balls are then Kil can be processed to form the block.

What Is Minecraft Clay Used For?

Simply put, Killer mainly used to create decorative blocks. Apart from that, players can use the item as a Emerald they can exchange with.

  • Terracotta block: The clay block can be melted to create a Terracotta. In fact, this decorative block, which can be painted in 16 different colors, allows players to be free with their imaginations.
  • brick block: A Clay Ball will first create a Clay Brick. Later, four Clay Bricks can be combined into one Brick block.
  • Emerald: Novice Mason Villagers will buy 1 Clay Balls for 10 Emerald. So players need to break three blocks of Clay for this trade.

It, Minecraft Clay It's about all uses of . It may not be the most useful block in Minecraft, but it is definitely a treat for players who love to build things in this sandbox game.


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